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What is Google Lens?

    What is Google Lens?

    Google Lens is an image recognition technology that visually analyzes information in the form of images through a neural network and provides relevant information. It is an image search and translation service consisting of an artificial intelligence smartphone camera and deep machine learning technology. The app will automatically scan the camera when you look at the text, home address, visiting card information, etc. and the text can be easily copied, wherever you take a picture of the product, you will see the information of the product or nearby product and the link to the online shop This app can easily find out the information of the book by taking a picture of the cover of the book, it can be browsed by scanning any web link or URL, this app will show the ratings and reviews of the restaurant or cafe by analyzing the picture taken inside or outside the cafe or restaurant. If you take a picture of a popular landmark or historical corner, you can find out the details about it, take a picture of the tree and identify it, you can see the information of that tree, if you take a picture of any animal like dog, this app can identify the breed This Google Lens can take pictures of the text on the signboard and translate it and also read the QR or Quick Response Code.
    This app is an excellent example of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning. You can download this app from the Play Store. However, on the OnePlus Sixty model smartphone, it has been integrated with the camera app. It will be an integrated feature with certain models from brands like Sony, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Asus etc.

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