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1) Which is the life force of computer?

Answer: Software.

2) What about software hardware?

Answer: Life.

3) What is the program?

Answer: Instructions.

4) What are the main types of software?

Answer: 2

5) What is the type of software power?

Answer: Invisible power.

6) Who manages the internal affairs of the computer?

Answer: Operating system.

6) Who checks the amount of RAM space as soon as the computer is switched on (ON)?

Answer: Operating system.

6) What does the computer see as soon as it is switched on?

Or, what does the operating system test as soon as the computer is turned on?

Answer: Radam space.

9) What is the disk of the computer that has the system software?

Answer: Startup disk.

10) What is in the startup disk?

Answer: System software

11) Among the hardware and application programs of the operating system computer -

 Answer: Composes a bridge.

12) Which is the main and important function of the operating system?

Answer: Management.

13) Which protects the connection with hardware and applications?

Answer: Operating system.

14) The operating system is made up of many -

Answer: In combination with the program.

15) Which program is related to the control part?

Answer: Supervisor program.

16) What are the parts of the service program?

Or, how many parts of the service program can be divided?

Answer: Two.

16) Service program has two parts, processing program and -

A: Utilization program.

16) The operating system can be divided into how many parts on the basis of division of labor?

Answer: In two parts.

19) The central part of the operating system is called -

Or, the most important part of the operating system is -

Or, which is the nucleus of modern system software?

Answer: Kernel.

20) Which is the image-based operating system?

Answer: Windage.

21) Based on which system software is developed?

Answer: Kernel.

22) What can a computer understand?

Answer: own language.

23) The computer has its own language -

Answer: Machine language.

24) Some of the operating systems of the computer are -

Answer: Windows, Atlas, Unix.

25) Essential software for computers -

Answer: Operating system.

26) In which case time-sharing software is used?

A: On the local area network.

26) Which command is used to operate the operating system?

Ans: Color-based or pictorial-based.

26) Time Sharing, Resource Sharing, and Client Server-

Answer: System software.

29) Which is the operating system used for the local area network (LAN) system?

Answer: Time sharing.

30) The computers connected to the network with the server are called-

Answer: Terminal.

31) Dumb terminal is in which operating system?

Answer: Time sharing.

32. Which unit of time is the work of time sharing?

Answer: milliseconds.

33) What has been created to overcome the limitations of time-sharing and resource-sharing methods?

Ans: Client-server network.

34) Client of workstation server in which network?

Answer: Client-server.

35) Who is called the client of the server?

Answer: To the workstation.

36) What is a client-server?

Answer: A kind of operating system.

36. What is the meaning of real-time?

Answer: Immediate.

36. Which system is not included in the software?

Answer: Package program.

39. What are the main types of practical programs?

Or, how many types of application programs?

Answer: Two types.

40. Practical programs are introduced in computers-

Answer: In the sixties.

41. Which of the following programming languages ​​was used for solving and analyzing scientific problems?

Answer: Fortran.

42) What is ALGOL?

Answer: Programming language.

43. Which programming language was used for question and answer work?

Answer: BASIC

44) Used to repeat a task briefly through a command -

Answer: Macro command.

45) Which is the relatively old software?

Answer: Word Star.

48) What kind of software is MS-word?

Answer: Package program.

48) What is the name of the first popular word-processing program on the personal computer?

Or, PC's first popular word processing program -

Answer: Word Star

46. ​​Which of the following is not Word Processor Software?

Answer: Word Count

49. Which menu is required to save files in Word Processing Program?

Answer: File Menu

50) What is a spread list?

Answer: Accounting program.

51. The relation of a change to a number changes automatically.

A: In the predictive program.

52) Which is the 1st predestined program in the world?

Answer: Visikank.

53) Lettuce 1-2-3 is used in which operating system?

Answer: DOS

54. What is the name of the Macintosh computer manufacturer?

Answer: Apple Company.

55) Microsoft Corporation first created the Excel program for which computer?

Answer: Macintosh.

56) What is a very popular and widely used predictor program in Macintosh and Windows operating systems?

Answer: Excel.

56. Which is the predictor program?

Answer: Excel.

56) What is a database?

Answer: Information management program.

59) Used for data management:

Answer: Database program.

60. Which program is used for managing a huge amount of information in the census, VAT list, land survey, etc.?

Answer: Database program.

61. What is memory?

According to human beings, the computer also has memory. Computer memory can be divided into two parts. E.g.

1. Main memory such as RAM, ROM.

2. Auxiliary memory such as floppy disk, hard disk, compact disk, etc.

72. Which is the self-contained operating system?

Answer: WINDOWS-95

63) When does Windows / 95 come on the market?

Answer: August 24, 1995

74) Which is the latest version of Windows 95?

Answer: Windows ME.

85) How many bit operating system Windows-95?

A: A 32-bit operating system.

6) How many bits is the Windows 95 operating system?

Answer: 32

6) What is the number of bits in Windows NT / 2000?

Answer: 32

6) Where is the Atlas operating system designed?

A: At the University of Manchester.

69. What is the main part of the Atlas operating system?

Answer: Device driver.

60) Which atlas was used as the main memory in the operating system?

Answer: Drum.

61) What is Mac OS?

Answer: A kind of operating system.

62) Image display in non-text is started in which operating system 1st?

Answer: Mac OS

63) What is Microsoft Word?

Answer: Word processing program.

74) Which is the image-based operating system?

Answer: Mac OS.

65) MAC OS runs on any computer -

Answer: Macintosh.

6) Windows 98 What kind of software?

Answer: System software.

6) What kind of software is Windows 97?

Answer: Operating system.

6) What is the latest version of the Windows operating system?

Answer: 3.1

69) What is Windows?

Answer: Operating system.

60) In what year was Windows first published?

Answer: In 1975.

61. What is Fox-Pra?

Answer: Database program.

72. What kind of program is File Maker?

Answer: Database.

63. What is the fourth dimension?

Answer: Database program.

74) Which is the graphical user interface-based database program?

Answer: Filemaker.

65) Why is software created according to the user's needs?

A: Customized software.

6) What is the biggest problem with a card reader?

A: The speed is low.

8) How long does it take a card reader to read one thousand cards?

Answer: 1 minute.

 6) What is WINDOWS-NT?

Answer: the 32-bit operating system.

69) What is Windows NT 5.0 called?

Answer: Windows 2000

90) What is the name of the operating system that can be used in mainframe computers to microcomputers or personal computers?

Answer: UNIX

91) Which is the best operating system for multitasking and multiuser applications?

Answer: UNIX

92) What are DOS and Unix?

Answer: Color-based operating system.

93) Linux operating system is developed by the youth of which country?

Answer: Finland.

94) What is a modern operating system designed for Intel and Power PC Processor?

Ans: Be-OS

95) In which year Be-OS was established?

 Answer: 1992

98) MS-DOS was created as an operating system?

Answer: CP / M

96) What is a clone?

Answer: A copy of IBM PC.

96) What is CP / M?

Answer: Operating system.

99) What is MS-DOS?

Answer: IBM PC operating system.

100) Who made DOS?

Answer: Bill Gates.

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