The smartphone is as fast as new

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The smartphone is as fast as new.

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The smartphone is as fast as new

Some days after buying a new smartphone, the phone is going well but the speed of the phone is also decreasing. This problem can be seen on all operating systems on Android, Windows or iOS. There is a time when doing something small on an old smartphone can sometimes take a long time.

This is not because of the frequent phone calls that need to be changed. With the adoption of certain skills, the smartphone will be able to get a new speed. Today's program is organized to keep the smartphone as fast as ever.

Operating System Update

As soon as the new version of the operating system arrives, everyone should update the OS.  The phone will be in motion.  Because there are many different bugs in the OS of the phone. Then the error appears on the phone. New version is brought out to free the old OS.  Although there is a common misconception among many about updating the phone, updating the phone may cause it to hang or completely shut down, and sometimes it may even slow down. In each new version, the highest importance is given towards better speed.

So if there is a new update for the phone you use, you should definitely do it. This will undoubtedly increase the speed of the phone. You can see if there are any new updates from the Software Update option from the Android, iOS, Windows device settings options. If there is an Internet connection, the OST can be updated.

Background App

Some apps on the OS of mobile are always running on BlackGroup without the user being aware of it, which is auto-refreshed and updated shortly afterwards. Notable among these are social media apps like Facebook.

In addition, there are some apps that are constantly pushing RAM from the background. In such cases, the background of any unnecessary apps should be stopped by going to the Running app option from the phone settings. The phone will be faster.

Uninstall unnecessary apps

Many mobile phones have a large number of apps installed. These apps are installed improperly, that is, they do not install the app even if it is used. There are many apps that are no longer needed once in a while. Installing many such unnecessary apps reduces the phone's internal memory and puts a strain on the RAM. As a result, the smartphone slows down. So the excess and unnecessary apps on the phone should be removed. Your phone will be as fast as new.

Using the Light Version App

Facebook, Twitter, Messenger and some browsers have some of the most popular apps as well as light versions of many apps are currently available in the Google Play Store. Lite versions of the app are generally designed to keep the phone in motion, and are especially useful for users who like to watch everything in general. Using the Light Version app will increase the phone's speed faster than before, while also reducing your phone's data consumption.

Home Screen Clean

The home screen of the phone has lots of widgets. Usually these widgets enhance the beauty of Android devices.  Apart from this, Android users use these widgets for various purposes. Many people are seen using a lot of widgets on mobile. But many people don't know that extra widgets can slow down your device.  Besides the advantages of this feature, there are disadvantages. If too many widgets are in the home, it puts a strain on the RAM. It slows down the phone somewhat. So it's best not to put unnecessary widgets or app icons there.

Stop using live wallpapers

Live wallpapers on the smartphone increase the beauty of the phone, but it slows down most of the time.  Try not to use live wallpapers as much as possible. Because of the live wallpaper animation, the phone needs power.

Turn off the live wallpaper.  Using a good general wallpaper will save both the phone's speed and battery.

Internal storage left blank

Even after uninstalling unnecessary apps, leaving the phone's internal storage empty can provide great speed. In this case, the memory should be emptied by removing unnecessary download files, browser history, long past images, etc. When the memory is full, the phone slows down.  For this, images or necessary files can be stored in computer backup or online cloud storage.  It can be enhanced by removing some files from the internal memory.

Factory data reset

If the smartphone speed is reduced and the situation is worse, you can perform a factory data reset. Before performing the factory data reset, please backup all data on your Android. Because, resetting the factory data erases all data on the phone.  Then set up your device with everything fresh. It will speed up a bit.

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