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    The SSC Examination will be held simultaneously on 5 boards all over Bangladesh from February 1, 2021. The Board of Secondary and Higher Education has already published the exam routine.The routine is given below for the benefit of the examiners and parents. Compared to the previous year, the exam time has been reduced. That is, where SSC exams were held for a month earlier, this time it has been brought in 25 to 22 days to prevent wastage. Moreover, the issue is expected to play a role in the leakage of question papers. Moreover, it will start from 25/12/2012 till the date of 24/02/2520
    There are also specific instructions for the appropriate authority and examiners by the board. The instructions are as follows:

    • The candidates have to take a seat in their room 5 minutes before the start of the exam.
    • The exam should be taken according to the time specified in the question paper.
    • There will be multiple choice first and then creative / creative test and there will be no break between the two tests.
    • The examiners will collect their admit card from their respective Head of Institution at least three (3) days before the commencement of the examination.
    • Physical education, health sciences and sports and career education issues will be provided to the Center by the NCTB under the guidance of NCTB for number of educational institutions in the academic year 20-21, 20-24, 20-26. The concerned center will send the number obtained in the continuous evaluation along with the practical exam number online on the board's website.
    • Candidates will fill in the circle by writing their test roll number, registration number, subject code etc. in the OMR form of their respective answer sheet. The answer sheet cannot be folded under any circumstances.
    • Candidates have to pass individually in creative / creative (theoretical), multiple choice and practical areas.
    • Each examiner can only take part in the examination of the topics / topics mentioned in the registration paper. Under no circumstances will one be able to participate in the examination of a different subject.
    • The examiners will be able to use a simple scientific calculator.
    • No examinations will be conducted in any school / institution. Seats must be arranged through transfer of examinations.
    • No one other than the Secretary of the Center can use the mobile phone at the test center and no examiner can use the mobile phone at the test center.
    • The same attendance sheet should be used for the presence of the candidate in the creative / creative (theoretical), multiple choice and practical examination.
    • Practical Examination will be held at Self Center / Venue.
    • Apply online through SMS for review within 5 days after the result of the examination.

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