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    SSC and equivalent examinations began on February 12, 2012. This year, more than 2 million candidates took the SSC exam. This year, the total number of students is 1 lakh 5 thousand 5 and the number of students is 1 lakh 5 thousand 12. All exam questions will be published step by step on the Education and Technology site so that the participating students in the coming years can speed up their preparation by practicing and reviewing these questions.
    The remaining questions will be uploaded as soon as the exam is over.

    One of the most important tests is to note a separate tension between all the students with English and math tests. This year, the SSC English Paper 8 exam was selected in the paper. The three-hour test is completely written. That is, there is a written test of number 7 and, like other things, there is no objective test. The questions that came from different places in the exam are:
    • The first Scene Passage comes from Unit-06 in the board book, Lesson-03.
    • The Second Scene Passage is from the Board Book Unit-07, Lesson-01.
    • The paragraph is "Water Pollution".
    •  The Complimentary Story Has Come - Once upon a time, the house of a rich man was infested with rats. They were living there with great happiness without any fear. They were a great fun and boldly moved into the house. But the inmates of the house were having a problem. One day they brought a cat ...............
    • In the Graph and Chart section, graphs and charts have come out like last year. The contents of the chart were - "Importance and uses of English".
    • Letter comes in part - Write a letter to your friend telling him / her about how you enjoyed the picnic.
    • Dialogue comes in part - Write a dialogue between you and your brother / sister about the importance of physical exercise.
    The questions that come up in the composing part of the English Second Paper Exam are:
    • A CV with Cover Letter for the post of 'A Computer Programmer'.
    • An application to the Deputy Commissioner asking for relief goods for the flood affected people of your village.
    • A paragraph on 'A Visit to a Book Fair'.
    • A composition on 'Your Aim in life'.
    On February 8, the 8th English Examination Examination 1 and 6 on the 2nd English Examination Examination were held on February 8. The ministry is working tirelessly to improve the quality of education. In this case, special emphasis has been placed on the examination to prevent leakage. Question leak was going to create a national scandal. And so the government is determined on how to remove the poison. A strong cycle involving leakage of examinations for admission to various public universities and medics, including board exams, has already been brought under the Act. The cycle of 4 people has been involved in leaking various exam questions for the past few years. Question can be no less a vile act of destroying the education life of students by doing terrible things like leaks. It also clears up our moral turpitude.
    On the other hand, the Bangla I exam papers started giving various wrong answers all over the country. Instead of 20, the question paper was printed according to syllabus of 5. Prominent people have said they will ensure the accountability of the test management unit in this regard. They urge them to investigate how this mistake was made in the personal section of the Bangla IX. In this most important test of the academic life, the question concerns the complexity of confusion among the students as well as the anxiety and anxiety of the result. The lack of skilled and honest people is obvious here. In a ministry like the Ministry of Education, various corruption issues related to education are published in the newspapers, but no such development is observed. The standard of development of a nation is the education of that country. But, sadly, our education can be called as the abode of strange corruption and corrupters.
    The math test is followed by a mistake. It is easy to guess what the overall solution of a country's education system is if one gets caught up in misunderstandings in the board exams as well as in the event of question leaks. Hopefully the authorities will be more careful.
    This year, the theoretical tests will run from February 2 to February 25. Then the practical examination of different boards will begin. The General Education Board will begin its practical examination from February 25 and will continue till March 1. Madrasa Board Utility Examination will begin on February 26 and end on March 7, 26. The Technical Education Board will be running its tests from February 25 to February 25.
    Beginning at ten in the morning, the test will continue for three hours until 3am. It is forbidden to take any type of electronics device during testing. In addition, the center secretary directed the examiners to attend the center at least half an hour before the start of the examination. 

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