Seven ways to Earn Money Learn SEO Online

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Seven ways to Earn Money Learn SEO Online

SEO-Search Engine Optimization is one of the largest sales and marketing departments online. Simply put, SEO is marketing an online based service or website to Google or other search engines.
want to start with online careers.
But the biggest problem in this case is,
For many of us, online revenue is tied to a certain threshold. We understand the meaning of income online - upwork, freelancer and elance!
But the reality is completely different. Have you heard of anyone who has been successful, and whose faces you know, to whom I work at Upwork till date?
Not at all, if you know the work and have the desire to do something, then you too can change yourself.
One such potential sector is "Sales and Marketing". We all know what marketing is, and it also depends on how much income a company has. And one of the major and big sectors of this marketing is SEO.

Many have learned SEO by watching our SEO Bangla Tutorial or from the internet and many have taken courses from an institute,
But the problem you see after learning work is,
How do you work after learning? Where to do "
Many people may not know, SEO is not only upwork, or Fiverr, but also many other ways to make money from it online. That is exactly what we have for them today. So let's get started ..

Learn How You Can Make SEO -

Earn with Google Adsense from SEO
১. Google AdSense: Writing habits? Know how to create a good article? So why not, by creating a website or blog you can join the crowd of billions of people. You can build a different place for yourself.
If you can search Google for some keywords and bring them to Google, you can bring lots of traffic to the site with ease. Then you can add ads from a company like Google whose name " Google Adsense " has many who have changed their lives with this AdSense. So if you have good skills in writing then you can start blogging.
In this case SEO will help you 100%. Because, if you know SEO, then within a few days you can pull your blog away. So what do you understand Keep an eye on our website to get detailed information!

Affiliate Marketing
2. Affiliate Marketing: A huge online world. Simply put, promoting another product on your website and selling it. The best way to do this is to place a specific product on your site and bring it to the first page of search results. This requires proper implementation of SEO.
If you can properly invest in this sector, there will be no shortage of money. If you can bring targeted keywords to Google using the right SEO, then this is it! You will be king. However, it is not as easy to hear but not so much. It requires a lot of labor and talent. So by applying the knowledge of SEO you can earn a good amount of money from affiliate marketing.
Currently the trend of Amazon Affiliate Marketing is going on in Bangladesh. Working with the dedication of a little hard work can create a long time earning opportunity through affiliate marketing.
The funny thing is that these affiliate websites can be sold at very good prices. But to get started, you need to know SEO. These ideas will be cleared up when learning SEO.
Earn with Freelancing by learning SEO
৩. Marketplace: Upwork, Eleans, Freelancer, Fever, People Per Hour etc. There are many marketplaces online. If you want to join them and work from there you can earn. There are lots of SEO functions in the marketplace. You can also join a team of freelancers by introducing skills.

Local Market Job in SEO
৪. Local Market : Remember, not only the international, but also the local market, there is a lot of work. You can work on SEO contracts from local organizations or website owners. If you work locally, you will get the greatest benefit, as long as your demand in the local market will increase and your project order will gradually increase.
Demand for SEO skilled workers is increasing steadily in the country lately, as local companies in the country are slowly realizing the importance of SEO as they continue to adapt. And so you can get local search company with whom you can work on SEO. You can keep an eye on various Facebook groups to find this national company.

Earn your own website with SEO
৫. Local Business: If you have a business or product and if you know your SEO well then by promoting it in search engine you can add a new turn of your business. Remember, your love for your business is most important to you. So if you can do the SEO and marketing of your business on your own then it is possible to achieve fast business success.

Make Product, SEO it and earn
৬. International Product Building: Many people create digital products on various topics and sell them on the Internet. The funny thing is that these products can be profitable at a huge rate per cell due to being digital. From ebooks, photos, tips, exercise training to travel guides, and maybe a digital product.
There are many people who are only making 4-5 digit dollars a month by marketing these types of digital products. But it requires SEO and marketing skills. If you can apply them properly, you can earn huge amount of money by selling digital products of very little quality.

earn with seo
৭. Seasonal Product Sale: Think World Cup football is in front. Now you've made a T-shirt over it. Now if you can bring your website number one for the search for this keyword 'World Cup T-shirt' then think about how much money it can earn? But it won't be all year long. There is a lot of excitement among people about the event only during different events, and you can earn a good amount of money by putting this opportunity to work properly. This type of business is also called event blogging.
Since, the main purpose of SEO is to rank your website first on Google for one or more search terms or keywords, with proper use of SEO, if you are able to rank it, your site will get a lot of traffic. And by using this traffic you can earn any way.
This is why there is a huge demand for SEO. If its work is properly known, it is expected that there will be no shortage of work. All you need is proper intelligence and hard work.

So how to get started?

Just follow the 5 steps:
  • Learn SEO first
  • When you learn SEO, the above business ideas will come to you, then select what to do.
  • Act accordingly
So simple. We just make the online income topics much more complicated. But no, simply thinking things makes things a lot easier.

How long will it take

Really, it depends entirely on your ability to understand and the amount of work you do.

However, given the average, if you spend 2-5 hours a day, then within 1-5 months you have the possibility of seeing the first money you earn

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