What is Safe Mode?

What is Safe Mode? 


What is Safe Mode? 

How does it work? 

Why keep it in Safe Mode?

Those of you who use computers already know that if there is a problem with the computer, the computer will automatically run in Safe Mode. And if you run in Safe Mode, the problems related to computer software are solved quickly.

Safe Mode also has the same benefits available on Android mobiles. Safe Mode is the safest way to play games.

Usually when we turn on the mobile, all the apps installed with the mobile system apps are open, but when you open your mobile in Safe Mode, only the system files of your mobile will run.

Safe Mode is a very safe and easy process, there is nothing to worry about. Once you understand this, you will never be afraid of Safe Mode again.

How to switch your phone to Safe Mode: -

To switch to Safe Mode, first click on the power button on your phone. Then you will see the following options.

Then hold down the Power Off text. As below.

Then you will see as below
"Reboot to safe mode". Then click on Ok text as below, your phone will go to Safe Mode.

This way you can take your phone to Safe Mode.
Here's how to get your phone back to normal: -

Usually, you have to restart your phone by clicking on the Power Button of your phone to restore it to its previous state. Safe Mode to Normal Mode / will return to the previous state.
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