5 popular operating systems.

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5 popular operating systems.

Different computers use different operating systems based on the needs and quality of the users. Below are the names and brief descriptions of some of the operating systems. Learn from this tutorial which operating system is best for you. So let's know about 5 popular operating systems.

1. DOS (DOS-Disk Operating Systen)

The most popular operating systems in the '80s were MS-DOS from Microsoft Corporation and PC DOS from IBM. Some of the notable features of DOS are:

DOS is a color-based operating system that requires you to type commands with a keyboard.

Serial processing operating system means that multiple programs cannot be run simultaneously.

Supports only single users and single processors.

Another major downside is that DOS only supports 640 kilobytes of 0.64 megabytes of RAM memory. Where today's computers have a lot of RAM.

Graphics, multimedia, animation, web design are less convenient to work with.

2. Macintosh operating system or Mac OS

It is a Macintosh computer operating system made by Apple. This is why it is called Mac OS for short. Mac OS first came to the market as a picture-based operating system and gained popularity. It has a simple graphical or graphical user interface with a mouse, pulldown menu that allows anyone with a very general knowledge of computers to work on a computer. This is why the use of Mac OS-powered Mac OS computers is popular in the publishing industry. Some of the notable features of Mac OS are:

The use of graphics and colors in Mac OS is excellent.

As it is a picture-based operating system, it is very easy to use.

Mac OS can only be used on Apple computers.


Unix is ​​known as the oldest operating system. In 1979, Keen Thomson and Dennis Ritchie created the first Unix operating system at the Bell Laboratory in the United States. The Unix operating system was developed primarily for advanced research and development. The Unix operating system was sent from Bell Laboratory to various universities and research institutes for further development without commercialization. Unix has been known as a powerful and efficient operating system since its inception for use in network systems. The Unix operating system has played an effective role in the development of the telecommunications industry. Unix runs on almost all types of computers. Some of the notable features of Unix are:

Unix can be used on all computers from supercomputers to PCs.

It is very useful for multitasking and multiuser applications.

UNIX allows multiple users to work together by combining multiple keyboards and monitors with a single CPU.

4. Linux (LINUX)

Linus Torvalds, a young man from Finland, invented the Linux operating system while working with the Unix operating system. Linux does not have a single owner. It is available for free. It is called an open-source operating system. Since it is available for free or at a nominal price, its use is increasing day by day so much that it is expected to become popular soon. Server PCs can be used with ordinary PCs using the Linux operating system. Linux Features of Linux:

Linux does not have a single owner. This is called an open-source operating system. Linux is well-established today as a result of the dedicated efforts of hundreds of programmers.

Linux's Sarscode is open, so a skilled computer programmer is able to process and improve it, which is not possible with any other operating system.

Linux documentation is quite rich. It covers everything from installing Linux to peripheral connectivity.

Savar PC can work with a normal PC using Linux operating system.


macOS is an image-based operating system and to survive the competition due to its popularity, Microsoft Corporation planned to create an image-based operating system in the mid-eighties and released Windows 1.0 version in 1985. Their color-based operating system, DOS, was widely used at the time. Although their first and second versions did not become very popular, in 1990 Windows 3.0 version became somewhat popular. Windows may be the norm for IBM computers, with Windows 3.1 being the next version. Then came the next version of Windows, Windows 3.2, and the following year, Windows 3.3.

Windows 95

Windows 95 is a 32-bit self-contained operating system. It came on the market on August 24, 1995 and became very popular all over the world. Windows 95 is the first to use the Start menu or Start Button.

Windows 98

Windows 98 Operating System An upgraded version of the Windows 95 operating system. Windows 95 operating system has everything in Windows 98 operating system and some new features have been added to it.

Windows NT / 2000 Server

In 1993, Microsoft Corporation released Windows NT. The word NT means New Technology. Microsoft Corporation converted it for use on servers and workstations. Its name is Windows NT Server. Windows 2000 Server is another server version of Microsoft operating system. Like Windows NT Server, it is used for small and medium sized networks.

Windows 2000 Professional and Millennium: After Windows 98, Microsoft released two versions of Windows 2000 Professional and Millennium or ME. The ME version is short-lived and is followed by the XP. But Windows 2000, built on NT's technology, is still the most popular operating system for professional networking.

Windows XP: Microsoft launched a lot of publicity before the release of Windows XP operating system as the latest version of the Windows family. Windows XP is created using NT technology. The use of graphics and colors in Windows XP is excellent. It has upgrades through network and online. XP can be used to create multiple users at once and save each user's files, folders and documents separately.

Windows Vista: After Windows XP, Microsoft Corporation released the operating system Windows Vista. The new Windows Vista operating system features a unique interface with crystal clear and elite graphics, superior search and file organization tools, a fully multimedia-dependent collaboration suite and, above all, a top-notch security perimeter. The Windows Vista operating system has extensive security measures for Microsoft users.

In addition to the huge changes to the Windows 7 interface, it has been simplified from all previous versions. The advanced security system that Microsoft's developers added to Windows Vista has been strengthened with the arrival of Seven. Windows 7 has developed a new view file storage structure called Library. This allows access to different storage locations from the same window.

Windows 7 পরবর্তী The next version of Windows 7 is Windows 7. It is a line of operating systems for home and business desktops, laptops, Microsoft tablet PCs and home theater PCs. It has multiple input options using Microsoft's Metro Design language and touchscreen input system like Windows Phone and Xbox. This version is called Windows RT and has ARM processor architecture added.

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