Phones that emit radiation

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Phones that emit radiation.

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Phones that emit radiation

The world is now in the palm of your hand because of smartphones. As internet service has become easily available, people are able to do all the work through smartphones. However, the disadvantages of smartphones are not less than the benefits. Because people are cutting every moment with the phone.
The radioactive rays of smartphones cause various harms to the human body, this fear is nothing new. These harmful rays can cause multiple illnesses. Even death can be the cause of cancer.
Statista Online has published a list of how a smartphone emits radiation. Xiaomi Mi A1 tops the list in radiation emission. This smartphone from Xiaomi is emitting 1.75 watts of radioactive radiation per kg.
Next in line is the MI Max 3 model phone from the same company. This phone is radiating 1.56 watts of radiation per kg. OnePlus Six T, which is in the third place, emits 1.55 watts per kg of radiation.

Phones that emit less radiation should be chosen. Besides, you should know how to avoid this radioactivity of smartphones.
Here are some simple ways to reduce the habit of talking on the phone for long periods of time. You can increase chat or text instead of voice calls. Speakers or headphones can be used if you need to talk more on the phone.
In addition, the phone should not be held in the ear by dialing the number. Connect the phone after receiving earlier from the reverse. Avoid places where there are network problems.

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