Computing on smart TV

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Computing on smart TV

The latest smart TV in the Samsung 'R' series. The TVs in this series can also be used as personal computers. It includes music system, home cloud, live cast and two-way sharing. Samsung Electronics Bangladesh has unveiled this new series of TV in Bangladesh under the 'Unbox Magic Everyday' campaign.

With the new series of TVs, Samsung Bangladesh's Head of Business (Consumer Electronics) Shahriar Bin Lutfar said that 13 models of R series TVs have been unveiled. The price of the 43-inch model TV starts from 56,900 rupees. The maximum 75 inch model TV costs 4 lakh 49 thousand 900 rupees. To this end, Samsung Bangladesh has launched an attractive offer for buyers which will run till September 30. You will get cashback facility up to a maximum of Tk 25,000 for purchasing 13 models of TVs during the campaign. Buyers will also be able to take advantage of the exchange offer at this time.

He also knows that due to technological advantages, TV can be converted from personal computer to computer. Buyers will be able to create and share PowerPoint / Excel / Word documents directly from the TV. In addition, shoppers will be able to connect their laptop displays to smart TVs through mirroring technology without the hassle of wiring. The unique feature of this series of TVs is that TV users can access their laptop or personal computer remotely from anywhere via internet access.

Reportedly, Samsung's Smart TV has been transformed into a virtual cloud and is able to automatically store important files such as photos and videos from customers' smartphones. This will keep the memory of the smartphone empty and the data will be protected. Files will be stored in Samsung Cloud or external hard drive through Samsung account.

Buyers will be able to share live video using the Smart Things app with the Live Cast feature, which is supported on all Android devices. In addition, the two-way sharing feature allows customers to enjoy video, music sharing as well as watching live TV from the phone.

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