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The YouTube CEO apologized

    The YouTube CEO apologized

    Recipients will be able to appeal by the end of October to keep the account open. Suzanne Ozsiki, head of YouTube, has apologized to YouTubers for deleting 'verified' badges from verified accounts for carelessness in the verification system.
    In a statement on Twitter, Suzanne said: "Many people are emotionally traumatized and frustrated by the new dimensions of the verification process. That's why I'm so sorry. We didn't realize it when we were working to improve it. We're working on your concerns, and we'll get some more updates soon. ”
    Technology site Verge reports that YouTube made some changes to the verification system yesterday. For this reason, some popular account holders have received e-mails canceling their verification. There, however, it is mentioned that they can appeal against it. The time for appeal has been given till the end of October.
    According to YouTube, there will be a hands-on verification system for those who will appeal. And this opportunity will remain until the end of October.
    YouTube has developed new policies to ensure the identity of various organizations, brands, artists and celebrities outside of YouTube.
    YouTube's policy is more streamlined than Facebook, Twitter or Instagram so that customers can easily find a specific account.

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