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Huawei brings technology to the energy sector

    Huawei brings technology to the energy sector

    At the ongoing World Energy Congress 2019 in Abu Dhabi, Huawei has unveiled a number of services and technologies with 5G and artificial intelligence. The main theme of this year's World Energy Congress 2019 is "Innovation is Redefining Energy". Huawei is working with representatives from more than 150 countries. The goal of all those present at the event was how to increase the spread of sustainable energy management through the formulation of innovative ICT services.
    Huawei's new technologies will reshape the energy and power sectors as well as make our journey to the digital world easier. Solutions include 5G Sharing Base Station Solution, 5G Mining Solution, Intelligent AI Power Line Inspection Solution, Intelligent Distribution and Global Electric Power Industry Ecosystem Layout.
    "Energy evolution is closely linked to the evolution of human civilization," said Ji Jiang, general manager of Huawei's Enterprise Energy Business Division. 5G, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Cloud and other new information in the ICT sector are ushering in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. 5G has fast speeds, low latency and the ability to exchange big data which is able to establish a strong communication system. AI has superior computing power, low power consumption and a wide range of applications, which ensures a pervasive intelligence. Cloud systems support virtualization, ultra-large scale, and high scalability, making it easy to transfer even large files together, encouraging the digital transformation of all industries and laying the foundation for the digital world of the future. Huawei wants to make this intelligent force a reality and work with partners and customers. ”
    High frequency bands are used in 5G base stations and the density of base stations is much higher due to its relatively low coverage. As a result, one of the major obstacles to the rapid launch of 5G network services is the lack of space for multiple sites. Huawei has come up with a new solution for operating 5G base stations through substations, which eliminates the problem of space constraints. 5G Sharing Base Station Solutions allows energy suppliers, tower operators and carrier businesses to use the same infrastructure together.
    Huawei has introduced 5G mining solutions to ensure a safe and smart mining system. Using the Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communication (URLLC) feature of the 5G network, Huawei has successfully developed a 5G network at China's largest molybdenum mine. This makes it possible to operate the vehicles used in the mine from a distance. This saves time and ensures security. The two companies have also developed an Intelligent Power Transmission Solution process to monitor the Intelligent AI power line. These include Front End Reasoning, Cloud Based Training Cloud Edge Synergy.

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