15 tips from an ideal father to his son


15 tips from an ideal father to his son

15 tips from an ideal father to his son

1. If you want to sew or dye shoes, do not step in front of the repair shop, but take off the shoes and wipe them once.

2. Never call someone orange, workman or maid. Remember they are also someone's brother, sister, mother, father. Decorate them with respect.

3. Even if someone is small in terms of age, education, position or rank, never look down on anyone. Otherwise you will become smaller.

4. Improve your life by studying, but don't try to climb on someone's neck.

5. Don't go back and help someone, he may get embarrassed.

. Try to give more than you always get. Remember, the provider's hand is always on top.

. Don't do anything that puts a finger on you and your family.

. You were born a boy, so don't avoid responsibility.

9. What you have is not written on you. But your use will show where your family is.

10. Never listen to your mother and don't put your mother in the dock. Can't throw anyone.

11. If you go to someone's house to eat an invitation, eat two handfuls of rice at home. Don't wait for someone else's pot of rice.

12. Don't criticize anyone's home food. No one tries to taste food on purpose.

13. Try to be human, not big.

14. Respect your father-in-law or mother-in-law as much as you respect your parents. And treat them in such a way that they are anxious to send their daughter home.

15. Always walk and talk politely and politely. But do not compromise with injustice.

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