3 strategies to avoid the 'memory flower' of the smartphone

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3 strategies to avoid the 'memory flower' of the smartphone

Many times the memory of the phone shows flowers despite having memory. Then you have to download the app on your smartphone or take a picture. In such cases, we delete the temporary files stored in the operating system of the phone. Deleting 'cache data' from 'storage' in the setting option is often a hassle. The following 3 strategies can be used to get rid of this condition.
1. Several smartphone companies offer in-built apps like this. However, those who do not have a phone can download a third-party app to delete cache data from the Google Play Store.
2. Storage crises are often seen among smartphone users and photo lovers. So Google Photos can be used to reduce the pressure on the phone's storage. And to get unlimited storage, select ‘Backup & Sync’ from the settings of Google Photos and select ‘High Quality’ in the backup mode.
3. If WhatsApp, Viber and Emo are installed on the smartphone, the photos, videos and audios sent from these media can be automatically downloaded even if the users do not want to. So you have to turn off the download option automatically from the settings option of these apps. Then the phone storage will not be easy.
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