How the Internet Works

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How the Internet Works 

Before we know how the Internet works, we need to know, 

"What is the Internet?"

The Internet is an acronym for Interconnected Network. Which connects multiple devices around the world using the "Internet Protocol Suite". Many of us, as a child, have probably read, "The Internet is a net or a net." Hmmm, that's it. Just as the net covers every point with every single point, so too does the Internet working from many connected devices. We can also call it "network of networks". Through the Internet, numerous computers can communicate with each other. And this is how we get to the whole world at home with our hands.

Second, we should ask, 

"What is the function of this Internet?"

The internet is actually very easy to do. He simply exchanges information and data from one place to another. The main task of the machines or devices that have created the Internet together is to exchange and transmit data. As a result, we no longer have to crowd the post office or phone fax store. Everything happens in the blink of an eye.

Now we will know, 

"What kind of work does a connected computer do on the Internet?"

There are hundreds of millions of computers across the Internet. Not everyone does the same thing. Some of these computers just collect data. And these devices are called servers. If any information is requested from somewhere, it is sent there. This is how a machine that stores a document is called a file server. The servers that hold your My Mail are called Mail Servers. And the servers that hold the webpage are called web servers. There are millions of servers on the Internet.

Naturally, now everyone can ask,

 "What is a server?"

The server is basically a computer program. Which is a special program from other general computer programs and gives the computer to anyone else with different functions. And, on the other hand, it can be said that this is a central data repository where all the information, such as text, images, videos, etc. is stored on the websites. For each website, there is a certain amount of space on the server with a specific address. The server sends certain information to the user when we request the website to find certain information. That's the job of the server.

The computer that runs the server program is called the server computer. Depending on the program, the server may be different. For example,. FTP Servers, Database Servers, NNTP Servers, etc. We hope we get the idea above.

Now we know, 

"How does the Internet work?"

Computers spread around the world first connect themselves to different types of local networks. These networks of local computers are subsequently interconnected with another network, and that network is the Internet.

To give a small example, first a computer connects to an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Internet service provider through its own modem or LAN, and through that ISP, it connects itself to the Internet.

If you want to analyze it a little easier; Then I can say that the ISP that connects to a PC or LAN is connected to a larger ISP. And in the continuation of the ISP, the largest ISP that can be found in a country or region is usually connected to a fiber optic backbone. These types of backbones are interconnected by high-speed optical fiber (which is located on the seabed!) Or satellite. And so it appears that two or more computers located on the two opposite ends of the globe are seamlessly securing communication via the Internet.

This surprise of the internet has given us the velocity, shocked. The Internet has created a Virtual World with this net or fake. How everyone is stuck in an illusion or illusion. Without the internet we would not have a moment.

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