Freelancing and outsourcing

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Freelancing and outsourcing.

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Freelancing and outsourcing

I think you are interested in learning about freelancing and outsourcing. And if you know about freelancing and outsourcing, what is the main difference between the two?

Before we say the main difference, we don't know what freelancing and outsourcing means.

What are the problems in developing a career online? Details here.

Freelancing and Outsourcing Topics - Don't Know 

What Freelancing Is!

I have heard from many people that freelancing means free profession. Well, this time I'm going to explain to you, like me - that a job is not about working under other conditions, it's not about working for a certain amount of time for a certain period of time. This kind of profession can be called free profession.

That means you can make some good money doing whatever you want, but it's really different. And this kind of work is called freelancing or free profession work.

What do you need to know to be a freelancer?

Very good question! If you want to do freelancing, you must have good quality skills on some particular subjects. What could be the subject of that particular -

Software developer

Web developer

SU Specialist


Content Writer

Software developer

You can also do freelancing as a software developer. You don't want to work for any IT company. You want to make money by working like your own time. Then you can do freelancing. There are many categories of software developers -

Android App Developer

 - You can do freelancing as an Android app developer.

iOS App Developer

 - Freelancing can be done as an iOS app developer. To work on this truck you have to work as a really good quality developer. Because there is a lot of sand in this type of work. If you can be a good quality developer, it will be much easier for you to work on this track.

There are many more categories on the software developer track. I came up with ideas for just two. If you have good quality skills in either of these two then you can easily get work from freelancing marketplaces and earn money.

Web developer

To be honest, the number of web developer jobs is much higher. It is up to you to decide whether this amount will decrease or increase. Of course it will increase, but there will be many changes in the type of work. The way things are done now will probably be done in a more simple and beautiful way. At one time developers relied heavily on HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA SCRIPT to create web sites. Are these skills being worked on as before? No, now these skills are not being worked on like before, but has the sand of these skills decreased? Never! I did not say that the types of work are just changing. Now if you can create a good quality theme with these skills then you will not be short of work.

Theme Developer

 - If you can be a theme developer, you will have no problem finding your work. There are a lot of theme developers out there right now. This theme has grown a lot since the advent of WordPress. And if you want to be a good quality theme developer then you must know the skills that you need to know to be a web developer. If you know the skills then it is not a difficult topic for you to become a theme developer. So as I said before - HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA SCRIPT, the sand of these skills will never be reduced. Work systems will change, but the importance of skills will remain.

Web Application Developer

 - To work on this track, you need to know the skills of a web developer.

Understandably, if you know any good skills, you will get a job. Maybe your work systems will change. But if you know your skills, you will get a job in Freelancing Market Place.

SEO Specialist

SARS Engine Optimization. In other words, the work that you do to bring a website to the first page of Google's SARS engine is called SEO. You can call this trek a unique trek. It does not have many branches.

If you have the skills on this one truck you can survive online. Lots of SEO specialists. If you don't believe, you can visit the freelancing market places.


A word designer too small. Butt's insanity is a lot. You have to write a separate article about how many types of designers there are. I have written about two / three here-

Photoshop / Illustrator Designer

 - If you know the workings of Photoshop and Illustrator, then the freelancing platform is for you. The work of these two softwares is so much that it cannot be finished. Lots of designers at Freelancing. Although the work price is small, the amount of work is high. And it's fairly easy to get work on this trek. And if you are a good quality designer then it is really much easier for you.

After Effects Specialist 

- After Effects work has grown exponentially and will continue to grow. The amount of after effects that are working in movies and videos now - it can be said that the bellows of specialist people on this track is growing at a much faster rate and will continue to grow in the future.

It is not possible to say so little about the category of designers. Still said. There are many more types of designers on the freelancing platform. Even with these two, freelancing is very easy for anyone who knows good quality work.

Content Writer

Content Writer is a very unique track like SU. However, there are some categories of bugs such as - Review Content Writer, Website Content Writer, Amazon Product Content Writer, etc.

But the main thing is the same. You need to know how to write good quality articles on any topic. This is one of the easiest treks in the world.

It takes a lot of hard work and patience to be able to write about any subject. Freelancing on this track is very easy for anyone who has this hard work and patience and has a good hand in writing.

Because lots of content writers. As soon as you go to the freelancing marketplaces, you can see how many people are making money by writing content.

As much as I said about Content Writer, I hope you understand. To be a content writer, you need to have a good knowledge of language and writing habits.

People's interest in freelancing is increasing day by day. At one time freelancing was in a few countries. And today people all over the world know about freelancing, many people are making money by freelancing. This profession will be much more popular in the next generation.

What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing is very simple - generate income through any one of the online. Your medium may be freelancing, you may be outsourcing as an affiliate marketer, you may be earning money by outsourcing online as a business.

Then it can be said that all freelancers are outsourcers but not all outsourcers are freelancers.

People do a lot of work to generate income from online and this total system of generating income is called outsourcing.

If you can generate income by becoming a very good YouTuber - then you are also outsourcing.

All the methods by which people generate income online are called outsourcing.

I did not write about freelancing and outsourcing separately, so I wrote together - you can understand the difference between the two. It is not a matter of earning income just by being a freelancer. The type of work you do may vary over time.

At first you made income by freelancing for a few years. Later you know a lot about affiliate marketing and if you want you can also earn income through affiliate marketing.

Above all, if you really want to generate income from online, you need to gain knowledge on any particular angle before you can improve your skills on that particular subject.

And when you think you can do that particular job very well, you can prove yourself to work online.

Even if you don't learn to work, you can earn income in some color way, but that color way will not bring you a good future. So it is essential to learn to work before you can succeed online.

I have said many things. If you make a mistake, hand it over. It's normal for me to be wrong because I'm human, and I'm wrong.

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