10 sites to download free books

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10 sites to download free books

For reading lovers we offer a list of 10 sites where you can download books legally and free of charge.

1. Public Domain (http://www.dominiopublico.es)

The creators of this website understand by public domain "the set of goods and rights of public ownership not privately owned." For example, the cultural category is made up of works that can be reproduced by anyone, free or lucratively without having to pay for it. This may be due to the expiration of the copyright or its decision. 
This site was born with the idea of ​​grouping as much information as possible on any subject, and as long as the hard drive endures, have available in digital format as many works already in public domain can be housed.
Of course, the owners of the page warn: “Before downloading something, check the legal status of the work in each country. If you are from the USA, you will surely be committing a Federal Crime, more punishable than the physical theft of the book / CD / DVD, while in Europe you will simply exercise a right. ” 
The books are in several formats: HTML file, plain text, MS Reader eBook (LIT), MobiPocket eBook (PRC), eBook eReader (PDB), PDF, XML as OpenOffice 
Writer file .

2. Wikisource (http://es.wikisource.org)

It is a Wikimedia project, as is Wikipedia. The intention of the site is to create an online library of original texts that are under public domain or that have been published under GFDL or CC-BY-SA 3.0 licenses. The books can be read directly by page from the web, or downloaded as PDF. They also link to the initial origin of the book, from where there may be more formats for download. 
It is available in almost every language in the world, but just like his big brother, Wikipedia, it can be fed by anyone who wants it. It has stories, educational books, epic stories, novels, theater and essays. The copies are found by author's name, by country or by theme.

3. Google Books ( http://books.google.es )

One of the most powerful on the internet also has a free online book service. We refer to Google. This huge library makes available a large number of copies of different categories, many of which are available in Spanish. 
If there is an edition of a text in electronic format and it is also free, it is surely available in 
Google Books. The system of this site is the simplest, only your domain is accessed, the required title

4. Libroteca ( http://libroteca.net )

It has a catalog of up to 16 thousand royalty-free titles to download for free. There are no commercial news, but there are real best sellers such as The Art of War, by Sun Tzu, among many other jewels of world classical literature.

5. Open Library ( https://openlibrary.org/ )

This is a project of the non-profit organization Internet Archive, whose ambitious goal is to have a web page for each book that has been published. The Open Library is obviously an open project; The software is free, the data is public and the documentation is public and open. You can download copies in different electronic formats or lend them from the library, with a virtual card. 
The only problem with this site is that the books available are in English, but those who master the language of Shakespeare will find books of all genres, as well as blogs.

6. Gutenberg Project ( http://www.gutenberg.org )

This website has one of the largest electronic book collections that exist. It was founded by Michael Hart in 1971 and became the first known source of electronic books. The texts found on the site are in the public domain in the United States, and to date there are more than 42 thousand ebooks in different formats available for download or read online, but all in English.

7. Ebooksgo ( http://ebooksgo.org )

It is a site with free and free books. All are licensed under GFDL, Creative Commons and others such as those of the Gutenberg project and whatever is free for distribution. Books in English are organized by categories, and the type of license is specified next to the download link.

8. Manybooks ( http://manybooks.net )

Collect a collection of free e-books, many from the Gutenberg project and others from the Human Genome project. It also contains audiobooks, and all are classified by author, category and 

9. Amazon ( www.amazon.com )

Famous for being one of the safest pages to buy online, Amazon also has a section of public domain books that can be downloaded directly to the Kindle. It makes available 700 thousand titles.

10. Freebook Sifter ( http://www.freebooksifter.com/ )

It allows you to easily search for all free books that are available on Amazon, filtered by language, categories and even the rating of user reviews. It is much more comfortable for the search than the previous option.
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