Facebook is being strict in publishing advertisements


Facebook is being strict in publishing advertisements

With the 2020 presidential election looming, Facebook is cracking down on politics-related ads. In the meantime, the process of verifying the identity of the advertiser has been made mandatory. The advertiser must provide proof of citizenship and residency in the United States before advertising on a political or social issue such as the use of a gun or immigration.

In mid-September, advertisers will need to confirm their group identity with the organization's TIN number and other government IDs.

But it is not clear whether this austerity will be enough to deter abuse of the system.

The names of the verified groups will be listed "by paying" so that they cannot deny the published science. Facebook said the information would be verified on the basis of official documents. Claims will be issued for confirmed advertisements against which advertisements can be published.

However, the process will not apply to everyone, Facebook said. He said that he would give power of attorney to some small but valid groups for publishing advertisements. Small and grassroots parties and local politicians will also be given the opportunity to run political advertisements. It is being considered as a fuss. Because when this gap is closed, there is an opportunity to perform bad deeds.

As a rule, advertisers who do not have a tax ID number, register with a government website or the Federal Election Commission can post an ad with an address, verifiable phone number and business email. These advertisers will not receive a 'specific' title. Previously only an address in the United States was required. But scammers will still find ways to cheat with phone numbers and email addresses.

Sarah Schiff, Facebook's product manager, said in an email: "We acknowledge that the tools are not perfect. But we are committed to preventing the misuse of our platform without penalizing small companies. ”

Schiff reiterated the company's call for online political advertising control. But critics say Facebook's attempt to self-regulate is merely a way to contain strict government discipline.

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