How to see YouTube english video bangla subtitle.

Assalamu Alaykum How is everyone? Hopefully everyone is good. After seeing the titles and thumbnails of many people may have realized that, yes friends today I will share with you how actually you can convert YouTube videos to any language you need and want.  We do a lot of important video searches on YouTube, but that video might be in English, Arabia, Hindi, etc. But in that case you don't really understand what the video is saying. But if that video shows the Bangla subtitle in front of you, in that case you will find it very useful and helpful. So friends today I will share with you how you can translate video in any language of YouTube directly into Bengala.


 Rules for Subtitle Bangla

First you need to use the Chrome browser on your Android phone. Going straight from the Chrome browser to the YouTube channel will also make it easier for those who use Laptop or Desktop.  Another thing is that you use an Android phone and the Chrome browser they can see the icon with a three dot of Write an image.

Click here just below the tab and you can see the Desktop site will mark it then your desired browser re Desktop mode version.  will be.

Now if you enter the desired YouTube channel, an interface like this will come up

Now all you need to notice is that there is an option called Filter on the left an site.

Click on this option and after clicking on it, some more options will come up. From here you will find an option called Subtitle cc.

A new interface will come out and you can see there are many videos

Here is an example to show just how to translate this English video in Bangla. So friends can see here I have opened an English video here below the video Write an site CC Icon I see an CC Icon click on this.

As soon as you click on the cc icon, the subtitle of this video will appear here in front of you.  You can see here the subtitle showing in Already English

But since we are Bangladeshi, no matter what country you are, this is the language you want to translate into. You need to follow some more steps to become active. Here I see an icon called Setting, because here I want to look in Bangladeshi and Bengala

Of course you have to click on this Setting and click on Setting, you will have many more options available to you. Here you will find an option called Subtitle cc.

And you can click here another new interface will come up here again which you have to follow auto-translate

You will see an option, you have to click on it, when you click on it, many languages ​​will appear in front of you. Now you have to select which language you want to watch this video subtitle. Since I select Bangladeshi Bengali

Now you can see the Bangla Subtitle showing. Here every word translates into Bengali.

So friends, you can easily see that you can subtitle whatever language you want in English, Arabia, Urdu, Hindi etc.

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