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    Computer System Restore 

    Many of us know about Computer System Restore and many do not know. Even those who know it don't know exactly how to recover lost files related to the system.

    Now the real thing. What is Computer System Restore? Usually the settings of the computer are constantly changing. And the computer writes down these changes. What is written here has changed him, what was before the change, etc. And System Restore reads those texts and brings the computer back to its previous position.

    How to restore the system? To restore the system, you must first turn on the System Restore setting. For this you first need to right click on My Computer and click on Properties. Then go to the System Restore tab. There you will see Turn off System Restore of all drive and you have to remove this right sign with the right sign. Come on, there is no problem to understand this issue. Then if the problem is him then this link can help you.

    The computer itself basically writes down the changes. But many times do not write different changes. So you can set up a system restore point before installing any software. Later, if this installed software has a problem later, you can use the system restorer to return to the previous position. Or you can restore the system even if you think your computer is in a good position. And when happy you can go to the previous place. To make a system restore point, first start the system restore program. For this, click on Start Button. Then go to Program Files — Accessories - System Tools. And finally click on System Restore. Then the System Restore program will appear. Now to create a restore point, click Create a restore point and then click Next. Then name the point and do the appropriate things. This way you can easily create System Restore Point.

    Now the question is how to restore the system. To do this, first start System Restore. And select System Restore and click Next. And select the restore point. And click Next again. Then do the right things. Now the computer will restart and System Restore will be done.

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