5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Your Blog

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5 Best Google AdSense Alternatives 

Google AdSense Alternatives: When it comes to earning money from a blog site, we know that Google AdSense is the best and most profitable monetization platform.

Creating a Google AdSense account and approving your blog for AdSense is not easy for new bloggers and a half.  Even after months of trying, many bloggers can't even approve their blog for AdSense.

So, if Google AdSense does not approve to show ads on your blog or website, then there is only one good solution or solution for you.

That is, Google AdSense alternatives.

Now you may think that Google AdSense alternatives are better than AdSense?

Or, can you make more money as an AdSense using some of the Google AdSense alternative monetization platforms?

You can. Depending on the niche or topic of your blog and the hope traffic or visitors to the blog, you can earn more money from AdSense using some AdSense alternative programs (such as Media.net).

But, Google AdSense, the most profitable online advertising network for Blogger.

Because, by showing contextual and user interest based ads you are given the opportunity to earn money.  And, through contextual and interest based ads, bloggers can earn more revenue even if they have less traffic or visitors.

So, getting access to Google AdSense is a dream for every blogger.

But, if you can't approve your blog for Google AdSense for any reason and AdSense is rejecting your blog time and again, don't be disappointed.

In this article, you will know about many advertising networks that I really think are a good alternative to Google AdSense.

And, by using websites, you can earn money through ads from your blog in addition to Google AdSense.

Use Google AdSense to earn from blogs

There are two reasons why you should get more revenue from Google AdSense. The advertisements shown by AdSense are contextual and user interest based.

That is, ads will be shown on the subject of your article, called contextual ads.

And, at the same time, ads will show up on things that people are searching for on the Internet, called interest based ads.

In this, the opportunity to earn money from Google AdSense is greatly increased. In many cases, very few visitors or traffic blogs can earn good money through AdSense.

So, google AdSense is the best way to earn money by showing ads from blogs.

But, we're not talking about Google AdSense in this article today. If AdSense does not approve our blog, here I will know how to earn money.

So, below I will talk about some online advertising companies that will show ads on your blog through contextual, banner, video and link ads and give you the opportunity to earn money through the blog.

5 Best Google AdSense Alternative Companies For Bloggers

Below, the online ad-network companies I talk about are the best websites after Google AdSense, to earn money by advertising from blogs.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks online ad network
If there is a better and more revenue-generating online advertising network for Google AdSense, then that is Infolinks.


By registering with the Infolinks Publisher, you will need to install the ad code from the infolinks on your own blog.

Then infolinks will show video ads, native ads and banner ads on your blog. And, with that ad shown, you can earn money.

About 2 million publishers are registering with Infolinex and making ads on their blogs and websites.

Here, the minimum payment is $ 50. You can withdraw money through PayPal and bank wire transfer. And, any blog with big or small traffic can register to infolinks.

But, if your blog is getting 1000 or less traffic a month, then you will not be able to earn much money. If more, 5 to 10 dollars.

Moreover, if your blog is getting 800 to 1000 visitors every day, then there is a chance of earning better. The more your blog's traffic and visitors increase, the more you will earn from the information links.


Website like AdSense
Advertising platform similar to Google AdSense.
If you are looking for the same AdSense alternative as AdSense, then Media.net is the best and most profitable contextual advertising platform. Because, this online advertising program is almost the same as Google AdSense.


Here you can show ads on your blog through native ads, contextual ads and banner ads.  That means, ads related to the article you are writing will be shown. So, the chances of earning but much more.

Minimum payment on MEDIA.NET is $ 100. And, you can earn money through bank wire transfer and paypal.

As with AdSense, Media.net has some rules. And, although you can register your blog here very easily, within 2 days you will be told if your blog or website is eligible to show media.net ads.

However, once approved, there is an opportunity to earn as much as Google AdSense.

3. Revcontent

This advertisement platform but Google AdSense might be an option for you. However, there are some minimum requirements here. On your blog, there must be a minimum of 50,000 visitors every month.  Only then will they allow you to display ads on your blog.

Therefore, small publishers can not register here. This is a platform for blogs with good traffic and visitors.

Moreover, only blogs written in English can be registered here. This website will not work for Bangla blog.

Minimum payment is $ 50 and you can withdraw money through PayPal. After every 30 days, you will be able to collect the money earned.

If your blog was not approached by Google AdSense for monetization, you can try the Revcontent advertising platform.


Starting from blogs with small and low traffic and visitors, big blogs and websites can also make money from blogs using the YLLIX advertising platform.


Automatic real time optimization, 100% worldwide fill rate and can earn by advertising through CPM, CPC and CPA models.

At first, weekly payments were made here. But, now you can pick up the money you earn on this platform every day. That means, the daily payments option is here. The minimum payment here is 1 dollar.

Through this platform, you can get more CTR RATE by displaying ads on blogs using pop under ads, mobile redirect ads, layer ads, slider, full page ads. And, the higher the ctr rate, the higher the income.

If Google AdSense does not approve your blog, I would definitely recommend you to use this advertising platform.

Yllix.com is the best advertising platform for earning ads from a blog with small and low traffic.

5. Propeller ads

As a blogger, one of the biggest things is, "Finding a good and trustworthy ad network". In this case, we know only networks like Google AdSense and Media.net are the best and trusted ones.


However, you can use google AdSense as a good alternative to propeller ads. If your blog has been rejected by AdSense, then it is best not to wait.

With Propeller ads you can earn money by displaying different types of ads on blogs. For example

Native direct ads
Dialog ads
Banner advertising
Push notification ads
So, with different types of ads, you can earn good revenue.

Here, the minimum payment amount was $ 25, though it has now been reduced to $ 5. You can make money from Skrill, ePayments, PayPal and Payoneer.

Moreover, if you want to make direct money transfer directly to your bank account, that is also a good idea. However, in case of bank wire transfer you have to pay $ 550 in propeller ads account.

Note: Remember, propeller ads have heard a lot about showing adult ads. Therefore, before and after using this ad network, you should carefully review the advertising options.

So friends, if you want to earn money by showing ads from blogs using ad network other than Google Adsense, then the ad networks given above are the best and the best. These ad network websites have proven to be Google Adsense's best alternatives.

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