What is Google algorithm update? | Google algorithm update

What is Google algorithm update? | Google algorithm update

Google Algorithm With this term, all those who are working on SEO industry are less familiar. But there are many who do not know about this Google algorithm correctly. However, to work with Google search engine you should know very well how Google works and to understand it, you have to understand the algorithm. So all of a sudden, my discussion today is about Google algorithm.

Hopefully all of you can give a clear idea about it, but if you have any questions then definitely tell me through the comments. I will try to answer all your questions.

Today's Topics:

What is the Google algorithm?
Why is the algorithm update?
Google's core algorithm and their work
Google Core Algorithm Update June 2019
Google algorithm updates and site performance
What do you have to do with Google algorithm updates?
What is Google Penalty?
How do you locate a penalized website?
That's why Google can penalize you
Google algorithm update, what will you do if you lose the ranking?
So let's start the main discussion, firstly-

What is the Google algorithm?

Google's algorithm is a complex process through which Google searches the information from the online web and stores it in Google index and when someone searches through Google search engine, the best possible results are immediately available from its index.

And simplely, the algorithm is the only code or policy that Google has done all its work properly.

Again, Google Algorithm is a way by which Google decides that a search result in search engine results (SERPs) will be shown earlier.

For example, let's say you have a website, where you write about DOG. You wrote a post about "Best Dog Food". Your post is on page 5 of Google. But the article on "A Good Dog Food" has been published on the website, and it is on 1st page of Google's 1st page.

There are several types of processes or factors behind your website's 5th page and other website number 1, which are known as the Google algorithm.

If you think that the algorithm's work is just that, then you're mistaken in understanding. Google has many algorithms, and each algorithm's job is different. Someone is working with search, someone is working with rankings, some are working in indexing, that is, a certain algorithm for a specific purpose. Hope this time the matter is clear.

Why is the algorithm update?

Google always wants to show the correct and relentless results of its visitors. That's why they always go through an update process. So it can be said that Google updates its algorithm to keep the search results for positive and relentant results.

There was a time when it was easy to rank a website in Google. Spammy links can be used to rank the site with the content stuffing the keyword. But after updating the punda (algorithm), Google Quality has sent the content below the search results and sent the low-quality content below the search result. So that visitors can always find the best results.

Google's core algorithm and their work

Google has no algorithm in the total number of information available. However, the number is not 100. It may be astonishing to hear that every year Google brings large updates to the algorithm 500-600 times per year. But not all are big updates. Here are some core algorithms of Google and do not know about its work.

Google Core Algorithm Update June 2019

Google offers a great algorithm every year. Which is known as the Google Core Algorithm Update. Before and after the major updates, Google itself ensures updates. Just this year, Google updated their core algorithm in early June.

google core algorithm update
On twitter on June 2, Google confirmed via Twitter that they will update the largest algorithm of the year from date 3. Which is known as the Broad Core Algorithm Update.

Google algorithm updates and site performance

For those who use Black Hat or Gray Hat Technique for SEO, algorithm updates are always a cause for concern. But algorithm updates are not always bad. Many times it is a good rank and also.

What do you have to do with Google algorithm updates?

When the Google algorithm is updated, all site owners are in a little bit of a thought, because the website's ranking might be better or worse. So let's not know what we need to do during updating such Google algorithm?

First of all, first make sure that the Google algorithm update will be released, because it is very important for you to know this day. You can keep an eye on Google Webmaster Help Community to get the correct information for this update.
When you are sure of the date of the update, do not make any changes to your site shortly before that date.
Note that daily regular Google search console and Google Analytics in the date of the update date are daily visitors and keyword ranking.
This is a week before the update arrives and after the update, check the traffic data for 2-3 weeks. And at the time it is not good to make big changes on the web site.

What is Google Penalty?

Google Penalty is a complete or partial removal of any website from Google index or from the Google search page. Now it can be for the whole website or for some specific pages or for some specific spammy keywords. This penalty can be done manually by the Google Web Spam Team, again by updating the automatic algorithm.

How do you locate a penalized website?
You can login to the website's webmaster tool (Google Search Console), if you see manual action on this option from the side menu, you can see if your site has received a penalty.
Suddenly, if your site's traffic is low, then it will be understood and at the same time check for updates.
Enter your domain name in the Google search bar and see if your domain shows up at the beginning. If you do not see, then understand that the site is wearing penalties.
Check the ranking of your different pages to see whether it is as before.

That's why Google can give you a penalty
Why Google offers a website penalties? Because of this, a huge list will be created. Below are some of the important reasons:

If you have blackhunter SEO techniques such as clocking, re-directing your website.
Due to duplicate content or thin content (which is a lot less relevant to the content), your site may get penalties.
Your website may get Google's algorithmic penalty if website loading time is too high.
Google's algorithmic penalty may be obtained if your website is not friendly to your website.
Additional spam (low-quality) backlinks can give your website penalties.

Google algorithm update, what will you do if you lose the ranking?

If you lose your site ranking as a result of the Google algorithm update, then you can do the tasks described below.

Your first task is to say what the update is coming from Google's algorithm. That is, Google better targets those types of websites or targets NISK or targeted any keywords or targets any link profiles. For information on this update you can see these blogs: Search Engine Jarnel, Search Engine Watch, and Search Engine Round Table.
As you know now what has changed with the updates, now you better monitor your site and compare your site with updates. Then you can understand the fault of your site and accordingly you can sort your site accordingly.
But you notice that this update has had an impact on your entire site, or just the effects of some pages.
You need to follow the Google Webmaster guide line and create a website.
Through the above discussion, I have tried to give detailed information about Google's algorithm and algorithm updates. We already know that Google algorithm updates sometimes take weeks to 3-4 weeks. So, there was still no time to say anything about Google's running algorithm update, as soon as I got any information about it, I updated the post.

Hope you like the article. If the content seems informative but do not forget to share it in Facebook and other social media

You can comment any questions you have, thanks.

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