What is a search engine, how does a search engine work?


What is a search engine, how does a search engine work?

Search engine key:

A search engine is basically a software program or web search engine that collects information and provides that information when needed. Search engines run through a sprite and roam the net world. You can compare it to a spider that spreads its net all over the net world to collect information. When you search for information, it finds the information you need by sorting through the billions of web pages it has stored.

Some of the famous search engines are: google, yahoo, bing etc. If you search all these sites by typing one or more words in the search box, within a few seconds, links to many websites will appear, which will get the desired results.

How search engines work:

Search engines have been created to gather human information. That is why search engine sites create some programs so that the best information can be found by searching for something. For example, we can select the popular search engine site Google. With the help of search engines we can now easily find any content. When Google is instructed to search for content, it spreads its web like a spider's web.

Search engine sites create some programs. Which compares some of the sites and brings the best sites to the forefront of the search. In order to select the best site, they look at the quality of the website, whether the website information is necessary for everyone, how popular the website is. Displays results on a few more topics, including these.

Why Search Engine Marketing Is So Important:

Websites are usually created to promote the company's products. The more people who visit your website, the more people will get an idea about your product or service. Search engines are the main source of visitors to a web site. 80% of visitors come to any web site through search engine. It will increase in the future. Search engines are very important for various reasons as follows -

1. Search engine is a huge source of all information. That is why everyone's dependence on it is increasing day by day.

2. Most visitors to any website come from search engines. About billions upon billions of searches are made every month. A survey in the United States found that at least 10 billion searches are done every month.

3. Any information can be found for free, so many people use it. Many do not know where to find the information they need. That's why they search for that topic in search engines. Then the list of required sites comes to them.

4. Since most people take the help of search engines to find information, different companies want to put their company's website at the top of search engine search by abandoning the traditional method of promoting their products.

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