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I am starting today's post by greeting everyone!
As always, I have come to share something new with you.
Maybe many people have understood the topic of today's post by looking at the title of the post. Yes, you have understood.
Today I will share with you, how you can easily download and use any paid / premium app or game.
So let's not talk too much, let's startঃ—
1) First download the app given by me by clicking on the link below.
App link:
App Size: 23MB
2) Install the app.
3) Open the app.
4) Give permission to the app.
5) will come as below… ..
6) For example, I am showing you a screenshot of a game in the Google Play Store. See the price of the game is 220 rupees.
7) So to download it, re-enter the app given by me. Now search for the game / app you want to download by typing it in the search bar. For example, I searched by typing the name of the game shown in No.8.
8) The game / app will come as below. Now click on the place shown below. You will see that the download has started.
9) Click on the place shown below to see the results.
১০) এই দেখুন,ডাউনলোড হচ্ছে…
So, so far today. I will appear in front of you again at some point with a new trick.
Until then, stay well, stay healthy.
★★★ Thanks
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