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    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is an internationally recognized English language proficiency certificate. Through this test, how much of your skill in English is verified. IELTS exams are of two types - an academic, another general training. Those who are willing to go abroad for higher education, they have to give academic tests. And general for migration, training and professional. Anyone can take part in this test. There is no educational qualification required for this test.
    Test format
    In the academic and general two modules, skills are reviewed in four subjects - Listening, Writing, Reading and Speaking. Leaching, writing and reading will be done on the same day without any breaks. Speaking test will be done a week or so ago. Day-date will be announced before the examination. That means you have to take two days to test. The test period is 2 hours and 45 minutes.
    Time limit: 60 minutes
    Writing is usually done to verify how much you can imagine. You have to answer two questions in one hour. The first question will be given a graph, chart, diagram or map. You have to analyze it. And in the second question, there is an argument or statement on which to argue - you have to present the argument. Good to say, the second question has more than double the number of questions. So the answer to this question is better than before.
    You can spend 20 minutes for the first question. The first question is to answer 150 words. On the other hand, the second question will be answered within 250 words. If you want you can write something beyond the syllabus, but you can not write less in any way. Then the number can be cut. Writing of academic and general training has little difference in the first question. In general, a letter is written in place of diagrams, charts, etc.; It can be formal, informal, or personal. The second question is the same in two modules.

    Time limit: 10-15 minutes
    It is through this test that you are able to make and how well English can speak, it is verified. You need to have a conversation with a trainee. This test can be divided into 3 parts. In the first part, you will want to know something personal. For example, where you are, what color you choose, your city description, or how you reached the test from home. That means a few simple questions. Then in the second part you will get a paper pen and fix a topic that you will have to say. After giving the topic you will give one-and-a-half minutes time to take notes on paper. Then you have to say the topic is roughly two minutes. Keep in mind, even if it's 2 minutes to finish, you should not stop before the trainer tells you to stop.
    Then you will have some questions related to the topic you gave to the third episode and answer them.

    Time limit: 30 minutes
    At Listings you will be given 4 total recordings. Note that the recording will have a British accent. After listening to these four recordings, you will have to answer a few questions in a separate answer sheet. A record will be played once.
    Recording 1 - A number recording will be a conversation about two people used in everyday life.
    Recording 2 - In this record you will be given a Monologue in the Social Contex; For example, a speech with the local social facility.
    Recording 3 - There will be a conversation that will be among the maximum 4 people in the world; it can be about any training or education; For example, 3 students are discussing an assignment or a project with a teacher.

    Time limit: 60 minutes
    There will be a total of 40 questions in the reading. With these questions, they can check whether you are able to catch an article, read an article, logical arguments, skimming, understanding the purpose of the writer's writing and so on.
    There is a difference between the academic and general test in the reading test. So let me explain separately.
    The academy will give you a total of 3 long articles from journals, magazines, books or magazines. These articles may be scientific research or journal. The journals will be so that the general students understand. So there is nothing to worry about.
    Generic readings are comparatively easy to academics. Here you will write articles from magazines, magazines, books, advertisements or handouts. However, not only academic studies or science related to generale academic but it is also a matter that you will face in everyday life.
    What is Grading System?
    There is no side number in IELTS. Instead, the band score is given. You will get a score of 1-9 depending on how many numbers you got. IELTS has four modules - Writing, Reading, Speaking and Listening. Your average score in these four modules is that your average band score is average. If the score is usually 6 or higher, it is considered to be a good band score. How many numbers are given in the picture below, how many band scores are given.
    Prepare to sit at home or be admitted to coaching?
    It's all your personal concern. If you have a commitment, then it is possible to prepare at home by getting help from the Internet. The coaching center only teaches some techniques, the rest is your own. But you can prepare yourself for a few days and then make a mock test
    To verify your level at any place. If you have a Mac test, you will be able to get acquainted with the whole process. For the preparation of itself ieltsliz.com can go to this site. This site is very useful. Besides, you can take help from YouTube and various sites. And you can take Cambridge's IELTS books for preparation at home. The price is just Rs 60-70 per piece. When buying the CD, you must see it.
    Where and how to register for the test?
    If you want you can test under either IDP or British Council. The British Council's Test Center has five locations in Dhaka, including Dhanmondi, Uttara in Dhaka. Apart from this, there are British Council's test centers in Chittagong, Sylhet and Rajshahi outside Dhaka. There are two types of registrations for online and test centers. For details, you can access the IDP or the British Council website.
    IELTS is a simple test. So there is nothing to worry about it. There is no scope for doing this test in a short time if you are not in English practice. But those who are good, they can be able to make good results by learning techniques only for a few days. Watch an English movie, read magazines, watch news on television, and speak a few friends to practice practice. You have to spend time behind it in simple words. There is no shortcut road to do good in this examination.

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