As many misconceptions as we have about computers


As many misconceptions as we have about computers

Computers are one of the most important technology products we need in our daily lives. We may be using it without realizing it. Keeping pace with the times, I also buy new computers based on some misconceptions. Maybe year after year we have nurtured this misconception. This article discusses some of the misconceptions that have settled in the minds of computer users. Let's take a look at some of these misconceptions:

Computer restart

You must restart the computer after installing each program. What happens if you do not restart? Personally, almost 90 percent of the time after installing a program, you do not need to restart the PC from the program. However, there are some things that really need to be restarted — many times after installing the software you need to modify some files of the new software that other programs have already locked using, you may need to restart the PC to gain access to it. However, 5 percent of the time such a need may arise. So after installing any new program, keep using PC comfortably, avoid asking for restart, believe nothing will happen and your computer will run as before.

Windows is not secure

If you've been on the Internet regularly, you've probably heard the phrase, 'There's no security in using Windows.' Thousands of youtubers have made big videos on YouTube. Again, many bloggers have written about this issue. All of them have almost the same argument and that is that Windows is used by most users, so attackers and virus makers always create a virus by targeting Windows, so if you use Windows, there is a chance of getting infected very quickly. Yes, it is true that most hackers create viruses by targeting Windows, so that they can spread it all at once. However, if you keep Windows updated regularly, backing up your data, you can really be much safer. Remember, most hacks or attacks are just due to your negligence, Windows is not responsible for this.

Safely eject pen drive

If you do not click on ejectable removable disk or eject storage media before removing pen drive, portable hard drive, flash card from computer, your pen drive, hard drive, flash storage media will be corrupted. In fact, such information is wrong. However, to copy a file to the storage media or unplug it when the copy is not complete, the media storage or the copied file may be corrupted. However, you know that no file is being copied, or the copying is finished, in this case, just pull it open, it will not be a problem. There is nothing to worry about. Even if you open it quickly in 99 percent of the time, there will be no problem.

Driver disk

Why do hardware manufacturers still make driver discs and send them with the product. Is the era of CD still there? However, there is no need to save the driver disk. If your device is 1 year old or older, these driver disks will automatically become useless. Because, all the driver updates will come, and using backdated drivers is not really a wise thing to do. It is best if you go to the website of the manufacturer of your device or gadget and download and install the update driver.

There is no antivirus!

Many people think that my system will not be able to attack the virus until the Day of Judgment, the antivirus that I use virus attack is not possible. Antivirus software is never bullet proof and cannot give you 100% guarantee that your system will not be infected by viruses. Your expensive antivirus program will not be able to detect new viruses or even modified old viruses because it is not stored in your antivirus virus database. Antivirus only detects viruses that are already in their database. Current antiviruses can monitor the behavior of a program, whether they are stealing data or trying to make the system useless. As antiviruses improve, viruses become twice as smart. So this does not mean that you should use any antivirus but that you are completely safe. You must practice best security.

The fastest website on the internet

Many people think that if you buy fast internet speed, any website will load very fast and any file will be downloaded very fast. That idea is really wrong. However, if you have a 10-20 Mbps connection, your connection will load pages faster than others and you will get better download speeds, but if you have a 50 Mbps line, you will not notice any difference. Most of the time websites do not use very good servers.

These are not meant to support millions of users. However, if you download something from Google Drive, YouTube, Amazon Cloud, etc., you will surely get a lot of fast speed. Maybe your desired speed. Servers on other websites limit bandwidth speeds so that they can serve multiple users at once. Giving everyone high-speed requires a very powerful server which is very expensive. So a lot of the time even after some downloads from a 10 Mbps connection, 500 kilobytes per second is seen to be downloaded, this is not a problem with your connection. The server is unable to provide you with speed support. You also don't need so fast internet, if you share one connection and many people use it together, it may be necessary.

Fast PC with more RAM

The more RAM, the better. Yes, this is true. But always having more means more but not more beneficial. If you are a medium computing person then 8 GB RAM will be enough for all your work. Now if you use RAM Hungry applications such as: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere or Virtual Machine, etc., of course having more RAM is ideal for you. But if you don't need more RAM in your system and according to your work and you think more RAM means more fast PC, then it will not be of any use to you. Another thing to keep in mind is that RAM latency is just as important as RAM speed or frequency.

Repeatedly refreshed

Refresh many times as soon as the computer is on, refresh again while working, refresh even when the computer is off. But have you ever wondered what happens by refreshing this? In any case, the PC is not fast, but your PC can be slow. Did you know that every time you refresh, all the icons and files in your window are reloaded? This leads to loss of computing power. Suppose you have 500 video files in a folder on your PC. Now when you open the folder, it will take some time for the folder to be ready to load the thumbnails of the video files. Will read. There are no benefits to doing so, so refresh, refresh, protect your hands and mouse from refreshing, hopefully get out of this disease.

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