Best earning app for android & IOS 2019 -2020 earn $200 $300 dollars 2 week

    WhaffRewards : Earn money trying Apps

    Whaff Rewards: Earn money testing mobile applications
    With CashPirate and AppKarma,  Whaff Rewards  is one of the international applications that offer us more options to make money with our mobile phones. Like the above two applications, with  WhaffRewards you earn money to download and try other applications on your mobile. Some of the features Whaff are:

    • Minimum charge:  Payments by PayPal from $ 10,50.
    • Countries  International *
    • Payment method:  Paypal, Amazon, Xbox, PlayStation or Facebook Gift Cards. 
    • Referrals:  1 level of referrals. Win 0.30 $ for each friend who uses your code 
    • Premium picks:  In addition to earning money by downloading other apps, also you earn for each day you have it installed and use every day apps downloads.
    • BONUS:  Putting the invitation code  GC20243 will give you $ 0.30. 
    • Available for Android phones  and iOS 
    • Size : 14 MB 
    • Go to the official website of Whaff Rewards
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    Verse transfers with mobile

    Verse, an application for transfer

    VERSE is a mobile application for transfers which currently has a promotion exceptional guest in Europe. 

    You can take advantage of the promotion and earn 1 Euro for every friend you invite!

    • Minimum charge:  you can withdraw the money whenever you have something in mind
    • Countries  International * (Promotion invited to Europe only)
    • Payment methods : Bank transfer
    • Language: Spanish and English
    • Referrals:  You'll earn 1 euro for each friend you invite to the application
    • App size:  58.4 Mb
    • Link  iOS (Apple)  >  Verse in iOS (Apple)
    • Link Android>  Verse Android

    GrabPoints:  Earn money trying Apps

    GrabPoints: Earn money trying Apps

    GrabPoints  is another highly recommended application if you are interested get you an extra bit of money available. This diponible for users around the world and has endless ways to earn points and money.

    Earn money by doing deals they recommend, paid surveys, play videos, download and try other applications on your mobile ...

    • Minimum charge:  Payments by PayPal from  $ 3.
    • Countries  International  *
    • Payment method:  Paypal,  and gift cards
    • Referrals:  1 level referidos.Ganas 1 point for each referral and when the said points reaches thousand give another 500 points to thesponsor.
    • BONUS:  Putting the invitation code  OPJZW5 ,  you earn 500 points or what is the same $ 0.50.
    • Available for Android phones  and iOS 
    • Size : 15MB 
    • Go to the official website of GrabPoints

    AppDown: Discover Apps and win

    Appdown - application to make money with mobile

    With AppDown you can earn money in Paypal or earn Amazon gift cards, iTunes, Google Play downloading games and other recommended applications. The minimum to receive payment is only 2 dollars. Of course, the app is in English.

    • 😋😋
    • Minimum charge:  $ 2.

    • Countries  International *
    • Payment Methods: Paypal  and different gift cards.

    • Extras:  Rascas day to earn free points.

    • Language:  English.

    • Referrals:  1 Level Referral. Win 50% of the points.
    • Operating systems:  Android, iOS 
    • BONUS:  You earn 300 points if you put the code  FraBw  nothing install the application in paragraph invitation. For these 300 additional points will join you must complete a download.
    • Go to the official website of AppDown

    GumsUp: Earn money by trying Apps

    GumsUp - mobile app to make money

    Great app to win multiple prizes completely free .. Its operation is very similar to other mobile applications that are commenting on the article. With GumsUp you can download and try other apps, viewing ads, doing surveys and some other chore. All these actions are always free and we will win points called "Gums" in this application. These points are redeemable for prizes and money on PayPal.

    • Minimum charge:  € 0.80. It corresponds to 2400 points.
    • Countries  International *
    • Payment method:  Paypal,  books, music, gift cards, and so on .

    • Referrals:  1 level of referrals. You earn 500 points when the referral has reached 3,000 points.
    • Language:  Spanish and English.

    • Go to the official website of GumsUp

    Gift Hunter Club: money to see  videos

    Hunter gift club - application to make money with mobile

    Gift Hunter Club  is a website that has a mobile application where you can win a lot of gifts and make money online. You earn points watching ads, bajándote free applications, filling out surveys and many other offers. In return you'll get points that you can exchange for money through Paypal or Payza or gift cards fashion, shopping, games, electronics, music and more. The application is used to download apps, watch videos, invite friends, etc.

    • Minimum charge:  $ 2.

    • Countries  International *
    • Payment Methods:  Paypal ,  Payza, Gift Cards Amazon, Fnac, etc.
    • BONUS:  Putting the code  MWOXTU , they give you 10 points.

    • Language:  Spanish, English.

    • Referred:  2 levels of referrals.
    • Operating systems:  For now Android or web
    • Go to the official website of Gift Hunter Club 

    App Trailers, money videos

    Apptrailers - App to make money with mobile

    With this mobile application you earn money for watching videos and downloading some applications on your mobile. ( You only need to download them and open them, can then uninstall). Points are redeemable for cash through Paypal and awards. The minimum payout of $ 0.50 as are just. Is the only drawback? It is in English; but even if you do not know the language, it is very easy to handle.
    • Minimum charge:  $ 0.50.

    • Countries  International *
    • Payment Methods: Paypal  and different prizes.

    • Extras:  Rascas day to earn free points.

    • Language:  English.

    • Referrals:  No referral system.

    • Operating systems:  Android, iOS
    • Go to the official website of AppTrailers

    For now not use "TappOro"

    tapporo - Application to make money with mobile

    Like the other applications mentioned, this application allowed you  to earn extra money with mobile  for watching videos and install applications but currently  not paying their users.  The minimum payout on this platform was $ 5. Although the App is in English, bids will appear  in Spanish . To collect money you could do it via PayPal. It has a referral system with which you can also score points.
    • Minimum charge:  $ 5.

    • Users:  Available for all countries.

    • Payment methods :  Paypal  and Amazon gift vouchers, Game Cards, etc.
    • Language:  English, although bids are in Spanish.

    • Referrals:  A level. You win $ to 0.60 by each guest to invite. In turn, the guest will earn $ 0.25 to use your invitation code. 
    • UPDATE: TAPPORO takes more than 6 months without making payments to its users. Not recommend new users page.

    Spare5  App, Earn money taking pictures and doing simple tasks

    Spare5-app to make money
    Spare5 App

     Currently this is the most profitable App I know , along with the portal Spare5 computer, can generate substantial revenues $ 50 or more dollars a week.     With Spare5 appCobras directly to Paypal once a week and the minimum charge is $ 1 and the app is available only for iOS devices (Apple).  See the full guide here to make money readinghere . This app is based primarily on taking pictures of objects that you specified in the application, these range from objects to cars or food, and pay in dollars for each photo approved. The downside is that many users



        It is available only for iOS devices . 

    Spare5-App-Force-Earn money from your mobile Spare5-App-Profit-Making money from your mobile

    Payment of Mobile Apps

    These types of applications have different ways of payment, the most common being Paypal. If you want to make money with these applications you must have a Paypal account.They also offer payment options for Amazon gift cards, iTunes, Steam, Google Play Store and many other stores.

    making apps 2020

    Things that must take into account when Make Money with Apps

    • Must be careful with some Apps .Not convenient download everything they offer in order to win money. Some users have complained that some Apps has filled them mobile Pop Ups (me has never happened to me, but others have complained about the network). Normally uninstall the app fixes the problem but in general I advise Apps download the one that may be of interest and not all that are available. (Especially Apps not know what they are)
    • To withdraw money, you generally need a payment processor online .The most common is Paypal.
    • To reach the minimum payment, you must have some 

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