Speed Typing

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Speed Typing

We all want our typing speed to be higher.
Many times we need it very much. For those freelancers, fast typing is Must Needed.
Blogging or many other tasks require fast typing. Fast typing saves us time.
Let's find out how to increase typing speed.

Comfortable place:

I want a useful and comfortable place to type fast. If it is open and comfortable, it is convenient to type quickly. If you want to type faster on a laptop or keyboard, it will work faster if you place it on a table than on your lap.

Sitting upright:

 It is important to sit properly to type fast. Sit straight so that the wrists are along the keyboard. This allows you to move the finger keys properly. It is better not to type too much. Typing can be done quickly by sitting at a comfortable height.

Put your hands in the right place:

You can't type fast because you don't have your hands on the keyboard properly. The mistake that can easily get your claim denied is to fail. So you can remember the rule of keeping fingers on the keyboard. Place ‘F’ key on the index finger of the left hand, ‘D’ on the middle finger, ‘S’ on the ring finger, ‘A’ on the index finger Place the index finger of the right hand in 'J', the middle finger in 'K', the ring finger in 'L' and the ring finger in 'Semicolon' Place the old finger of the left and right hand in the space bar.

Practice Tricks:

Keep typing different words after holding the finger properly. Continue to practice. Start typing by pressing the keys at the beginning. ‘Asdf’ then with space ‘Jkl; Then try typing these letters in uppercase letters. Then type these keys by placing your finger on the keys in the bottom row. At the same time try to type those keys by placing your finger in the top row. Now you can try to type by pressing the keys without looking at the keyboard.

Continue to practice:

There is no substitute for practice for fast type learning. The more you type, the faster and more accurate you will learn to type. But you have to be patient for this.