Having these 22 Attitudes and Professional Skills guarantees you have a job in 2019

    Having these 22 Attitudes and Professional Skills guarantees you have a job in 2019

    In a labor market as competitive as the current one, it is important to know how to differentiate. Precisely for this reason, in the selection processes each time another type of personal skills that guarantee the adaptation of a profile to the workplace is valued more. But what characteristics do we speak of? What are the attitudes and skills that companies value most?
    In this post we will see the difference between attitudes and professional skills, in addition to reviewing the most valued by companies in the year 2019.

    Difference between hard and soft skills

    Before entering into a detailed commentary on the attitudes and professional skills most in demand, we must make a first distinction. What is the difference between hard core skills and soft core skills?
    We could summarize it in the following way:
    Are those related to the technical requirements that a person must have to access a job.
    Language management, computer skills, etc. would be included in this group.
    On the other hand, soft skills refer to the characteristics that a person has in an intrinsic way , being able to be modifiable.
    In this case, we can cite aptitudes such as empathy, the ability to listen, etc.
    In summary, hard core skills refer to the person's knowledge, while soft core skills refer to their  aptitudes or attitudes to a situation.
    If we use the example  of a Community Manager's job profile, we could say that the hard skills are knowledge about Social Networks, monitoring tools , etc. whereas soft skills would have to do with aspects such as creativity or the ability to empathize with users, for example

    What is a professional attitude or attitude?

    When we talk about aptitudes in the workplace, we refer to certain characteristics that people have in an intrinsic way. Which can be improved with work and perseverance.

    If we know the skills in which we are good we can train and enhance them 
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    In addition to understanding what they are, it is important that we know what are the  most demanded skills and attitudes in the labor market based on our professional profile.
    Knowing the profile of an ideal worker for a particular job, will allow us to check if we meet the requirements for it. Or if we should focus on improving some of our qualities.

    How are professional skills and attitudes different?

    Another issue that arises when referring to these two concepts, is the difference between attitudes and professional skills.
    Although the terminology is quite similar, it is important to understand the nuances that exist between them:

    Professional Skills

    They allude to what we can do in a relatively innate way This type of characteristics, therefore, will predispose us to do some tasks more effectively and also implies that we will adapt better to some professional vacancies as opposed to others.

    Professional Attitudes

    They are linked to how we face the different situations that may occur in a job. This type of characteristics are increasingly valued by companies when considering the hiring of a person.
    The extroversion is a trait that is linked to the personality and can make us better adapt to certain jobs, for example, commercial. In this case we would be talking, therefore, of a professional aptitude.
    On the other hand, the fact that we face a problem effectively depends on how we react to that situation ourselves. And, therefore, it will be related to our professional attitude.

    Importance of skills in the selection process

    The skills are, then, innate characteristics that define how a person is. But  why are they so relevant in a selection process? What information do they bring to the interviewer?
    Professional skills can be decisive when choosing a candidate for a job
    When we carry out a selection process, we evaluate the candidates taking into account the profile needed for the job . But, if we meet several candidates who meet the basic requirements, we will have to take into account other aspects that help us make the hiring decision.
    Continuing with our profile of Community Manager , if we have two people who meet all the training requirements, we will have to assess other skills that interest us for the position.
    Skills such as creativity, extroversion or ability to solve problems are relevant to develop the functions of this position correctly. Precisely for this reason, the candidate who scores the highest in these skills will be the most likely to adapt well to employment.

    The profile of the job

    As we have seen above, all the selection criteria for a position are usually defined in the work profile.
    The information that is included is:
    • Training: in most of the jobs, the necessary training requirements are established to perform the job correctly.
    • Previous experience: as is the case with training, it is usually necessary for the candidate to have work experience in the sector, having occupied a position with similar characteristics.
    • Attitudes and professional aptitudes: in addition to taking into account the main requirements related to training and experience, it is also important to establish a series of desirable characteristics to fit in the workplace.
    In this example, you can better see what the correct definition of a job profile would look like:
    Job profile: Community Manager
    Job Description:
    • Development and management of actions in different Social Networks.
    • Monitoring of the brand's social profiles. Management of possible crisis.
    • Creation of an improvement plan for growth in different Social Networks.
    • Performance of monthly performance reports.
    Previous experience:
    • Necessary demonstrable previous experience in the development of similar work in another company for at least 1 year.
    Attitudes and professional aptitudes:
    • Dynamic, creative and extroverted profile. With ability to work as a team and good communication skills.
    • Must be flexible and have the ability to solve problems effectively.

    How are skills assessed in a job interview?

    The aptitudes and attitudes are, therefore, something relevant when choosing a candidate. But how can you carry out an assessment of them?

    The psychometric tests help us to evaluate in an objective way the aptitudes of a person 
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    Below you can learn some of the techniques used by recruiters:
    • Individual interview: it  is one of the ideal moments to investigate the abilities that a candidate has. For this we can use questions that help us discern if the person in front of us has the necessary skills for the position.
    • Group dynamics: another alternative is to conduct a group interview in which we can observe the behavior of the candidate in a group. In this way we can observe how he behaves in certain tasks that require working as a team or communicate effectively.
    • Written tests: there are different psychometric tests that help us measure individual characteristics in the profiles. In this way we guarantee having a more objective criterion when selecting profiles.

    Tips to face a job interview

    However, having the requested profile for a position does not mean that we are going to get the same. We have to pass the filter of the job interview, which is not easy.
    Below we give you a series of tips to do well a job interview :
    • Answer sincerely. Interviewers know very well when a candidate is lying. It is better to be honest than to give the image of being a person you can not trust.
    • Trust in your abilities and your worth for the position. If you do not have an aptitude of the defendants do not worry, perhaps you will compete with another.
    • Learn to praise your virtues and disguise your shortcomings. Sometimes a candidate has a characteristic that makes him shine and that, although initially he was not valued for the job, he can suppose the hiring of the same one.
    You should  avoid making certain mistakes in the job interview , such as being late or showing no interest in the position. These actions can cause the interviewer to dismiss you automatically.

    Attitudes and Professional Skills most demanded in 2019

    Once we have seen the importance of these skills for adapting to a job, it is time to know which are the most demanded professional attitudes and aptitudes in 2019.
    There are certain aptitudes and attitudes that positively affect the development of any job.
    Among them we will find some whose importance is indisputable for any job. While others are more related to the execution of specific functions.

    Professional Skills

    1. Creativity

    A creative profile can provide the company with new solutions that, initially, might not have occurred to the rest of the team. They tend to be people who are continuously seeking innovation and, therefore, their ability to contribute original ideas is usually high.
    In the field of marketing, this type of skills are essential. We usually need to generate new resources and formats to fight against our competitors, so a profile of this type can be a great asset for the company.

    2. Persuasion

    The ability to convince other people using persuasion is highly valued, especially in profiles whose functions are related to attracting customers.
    If we have this ability we will be able to present our arguments in a clear and decisive way, without having to impose our ideas.
    Persuasion techniques are very useful in the digital field. Being able to help, for example, to get more conversions  on our website, Social Networks, etc.

    3. Flexibility

    Flexibility is a characteristic that we must take into account when adding a profile to the template. Mainly because it will guarantee that this person is  capable of adapting to different situations that may arise throughout their work experience.

    A flexible person will know how to adapt to the different situations that may arise in their job 
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    The fact of adapting better to change also implies that this type of profile does not experience high levels of anxiety in the face of the variations that may arise in their work.

    4. Initiative

    Another of the most valued professional skills, and hard to find, is the initiative. That is, the ability to propose new ideas, alternatives, etc.
    Usually job profiles tend to adopt a more reactive position, limited to executing the work for which they have been hired without contributing anything additional.
    In the field of digital marketing, profiles with initiative can take the reins of a complicated situation, raise new ideas, actively search for clients, etc.

    5. Resilience

    Resilience is a little known skill, but necessary in any job. It would be defined as the ability to accept adverse situations objectively,  moving forward despite the difficulties.
    Resilience is the ability of a person to recover from adversity.
    This ability is closely linked to the way we interpret the problems. If we blame ourselves for any error that occurs, it will be more difficult to find an alternative that allows us to resolve the situation.

    6. Leadership

    Leadership will be important within a job, as long as the position requires a job profile of this type. While it is true that it is one of the features that has become more relevant in recent times.
    Leadership involves guiding our employees by being part of both the procedure and the solution. Far away were those bosses who did not get involved in the affairs of the company or its employees.
    In those positions where there are work teams it is interesting to have profiles that are able to lead them, contributing ideas and getting involved in the process.

    7. Empathy

    Being able to put yourself in the position of other people is essential in most jobs and, in addition, can save us multiple problems.

    Empathy can help us understand the decisions that another person makes 
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    The fact of being able to adapt to different points of view can help us to understand the decisions that some people make at certain times. Appraising them in a way as objective as possible.

    8. Security

    Doubting before certain situations does not have to be an error although, when we are talking about our work or presenting our content, it can be a problem.
    If we do not show insurance when we talk about our product, we may lose a customer.
    A safe person finds himself with less problems when exposing his arguments and, in addition, he is less stressed doing it.

    9. Honesty

    We must be honest with the information that we transmit and we make, both to the company and to our colleagues.
    Although in some cases the sincerity can hurt, many times a jug of cold water is better that allows us to rethink the strategy we are carrying out, rather than committing an irreparable error.

    10. Discipline

    We can meet an employee who has very good professional skills, but who is excessively disorganized, so it is likely that we have difficulties when it fits into a team.
    However, if we find a person who has a certain discipline, it will be easier for them to adapt to the work environment and perform their functions correctly.
    There are many jobs that require an extra dose of discipline. For example, when we carry out the positioning of a web page, we must be constant and rigorous, since the results of our work will be seen in the medium-long term.

    11. Emotional intelligence

    The professional skills linked to interpersonal relationships have great relevance, and this is the same with emotional intelligence. This characteristic is closely linked to empathy and, usually, profiles that have one of them have both.

    Emotional intelligence allows us to put ourselves in the customer's place to better understand their needs 
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    The fact of having a good emotional intelligence allows us to understand what other people are feeling and, in some cases, can even lead us to avoid conflicts.

    Professional Attitudes

    12. Collaboration or ability to work as a team

    It is well known that teamwork is one of the qualities most demanded by companies.
    To understand its importance we must take into account several aspects:
    • The relationships within the team will be more cordial if everyone has the ability to work together, listening to the peer's point of view.
    • Decisions are enriched when we have different points of view. Keep in mind that, often, the fact of having diverse opinions can help to arise ideas that otherwise would not have appeared.

    13. Adaptability

    The ability to adapt is another of the essential professional attitudes when hiring a person. It has to do with the fact of being a little "chameleon" and know how to make symbiosis with the environment that surrounds us, whatever the same.
    The most rigid profiles usually present many problems when faced with different circumstances. Assuming, in addition, a situation quite uncomfortable for the worker himself.
    The flexibility and adaptability are similar characteristics. While it is true that the first refers to our innate tendencies, while the second is related to how we behave in the different changing situations that arise around us.

    14. Time management

    Closely related to the previous aspect, is the fact of learning to manage the time we invest in carrying out a task. Achieving optimize the development of our functions reduces the level of stress, while increasing our productivity.
    There are several techniques that can help us improve our time management, getting more productive.
    Precisely for this reason, it is a very interesting attitude and can be trained with the time and the appropriate techniques.

    15. Versatility

    The professionals who demonstrate versatility become one of the indispensable profiles for the company. Being able to adapt to different tasks can be very useful in the event that, at a given time, we need that person to collaborate in other jobs.
    However, we should not confuse versatility with having an excess of tasks. If we focus on too many things, we run the risk of not hitting any of them.
    If in our company we have a polyvalent profile, we will have more possibilities of being able to supply certain functions performed by our colleagues in the event that it is necessary.

    16. Proactivity

    Currently, all companies look for profiles of people who are proactive and are willing to offer solutions. This professional attitude implies not remaining still before a situation, being in continuous search of alternatives for improvement.

    Proactivity implies having an anticipatory and change-oriented behavior 
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    However, proactivity is one of the most complicated qualities to evaluate by the selection technicians.

    17. Problem-solving ability

    The possibility of solving problems quickly and effectively is also a feature highly valued by recruiters. We must learn to distinguish this characteristic from proactivity, in that the second not only refers to problematic situations, but to a collaborative attitude in general terms.
    Profiles with this attitude are more autonomous and work without having to have too much supervision.

    18. Analytical capacity

    As important as knowing the emotions of the people with whom we relate, is the ability to control them. Looking to the future in a more analytical way.
    Many times the fact of letting ourselves be carried away by our feelings generates misunderstandings, so it is important that we have the ability to analyze from an objective point of view . This characteristic is closely related to resilience, which we have previously seen.
    Within the work team it is interesting to have an analytical profile, which is able to interpret the information based on the facts. Without being carried away by emotional biases.

    19. Loyalty

    Loyalty to a company is important. Not in vain, is going to be the place where we develop our professional career. We should not confuse loyalty with the fact of supporting the company in an indisputable way, even if it makes bad decisions.
    We must learn to maintain a balance in which it is clear that we are supporting them, but being honest. That is, if in any case there is a situation that we do not agree with, we must comment on it with sincerity and respect.

    20. Perseverance

    The ability to continue focusing on our objectives , regardless of whether the results we have previously obtained are not positive, is also a highly valued professional attitude.

    Persist in our objectives is essential to get where we want to reach 
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    We must bear in mind that things will not always go as we want, but we have to insist until we are closer to our goals.

    21. Stress control

    Stress is one of the problems that most affects us in our work environment. Precisely for this reason, we must learn to alleviate it in our day to day, establishing strategies to control it.
    Some people have more capacity to manage this type of situations effectively. This leads to lower levels of stress and a greater ability to handle situations that, a priori, could be complicated for other types of profiles.
    The profiles that control stress situations well are highly valued in those jobs that require short-term results. Mainly because the levels of stress that are handled are greater than in other types of jobs.

    22. Communication capacity

    The last aptitude that we are going to see, has to do with the ability to communicate with other people. That is, knowing how to express what we need in an effective and clear way.
    Good communication encourages colleagues to understand each other better, as well as avoiding misunderstandings that may lead to possible conflicts within the team.

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    • Extra: Hard core skills most in demand in 2019

      As we have previously commented, hard skills are also evaluated when interviewing a candidate. Being related to the knowledge that the same must have for the performance of his position.
      Below we leave you with a list of the hard core skills most in demand for the year 2019. This implies that job profiles that possess such knowledge will be the most sought after by companies throughout the year.

      Hard core skills most in demand in 2019

      • Cloud Computing
      • Artificial intelligence
      • Analytical reasoning
      • People Management
      • UX design
      • Mobile application development
      • Video production
      • Leadership in sales
      • Translation
      • Audio production


      Professional skills are essential, and it is important to evaluate them correctly in order to find a candidate that adapts well to the job.
      Although they are usually linked to specific job profiles, there are some skills and attitudes that are generic . And, therefore, beneficial for any job.
      If  we have proof and work our skills we will improve our professional profile.
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