Make your own Url Shortener like

Make your own Url Shortener like

One of the most popular shorts at the moment is the site



These sites are currently some of the most popular Url Shortner Site .. All the people in the world use these sites. We need different links / urls for different tasks every day, and these links are often very large which is bad to see or difficult to work so we use the links from the site to shorten or shorten the link.
Friends, today I will show you how you can easily create a Url Shortner site without any coding. I hope those who have a little work experience in creating a website can easily create it without any hassle. However, if there is any problem, please comment or message on our Facebook Page.
Everything you need to build a site:
1. Hosting
2. Domain
3. Script
If you want to make the site free hosting, but if you hope to run the site well, then it is better to take a paid host.
You can get a free host from 000Webhost.Com. And if you want to take paid hosting, I would say take it from the site below. On this site you can buy cheap hosting with bKash / Rocket etc.


If you want hosting, you need a domain. If you wish, you can get a free domain (.tk / .ga / .ml / .gq / .cf) from Freenom.Com. If you do not know how to take the domain, you can read the following post.
How to get a domain from Freenom?

After taking the domain, now connect your domain with the hosting you have taken. If you can't, comment or message on Facebook. Let's create a site.
First download the script from the link below.

Download AdLinkFly V5.3.2 Script
>> Now go to File Manager from Cpanel of your hosting then open the folder with the name of the domain you are adding and upload the script.
>> Now unzip the zip and delete the main zip file.
>> Now you need to create a database. Check out the post below to know how to create a database.

Take a look at how to create a database

>> Now visit the domain that you have taken and start installing the script with the User & Password of the Database according to the instructions on the page that will open.

  • After installation, a page like below will appear. Here you have to create a new Admin ID.

  • When we are done, visit the domain you have taken and see that your site is completely ready.

  • Don't forget to comment on how you like the post, and comment if you have any problems. I'm finishing here today. Thank you so much for reading this post.

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