Introduction to computer accessories

Introduction to computer accessories



A) Printer: 

A printer is an output device of a computer. Printer for receiving computerized data processing results in written form
Is used. There are three main types of printers used to print personal computers. E.g.

Dot Matrix Printer:

In such a printer, a print head has a certain number of pins arranged in a matrix manner. These heads and pins move from a moving print line to a specific print line to the print ribbon, constantly and quickly dotting the letters on the paper. There are a number of different printers available in the market for perfect and fast printing. The higher the number of pins, the better the print quality.

Ink Jet Printer:

Another printer that is relatively better quality than the Watt Matrix printer is the ink jet printer. Various manufacturers also call it Bubble Jet or Desk Jet Printer. Such a printer is a liquid ink cartridge used to print electronic circuits.
Performs the task of printing information or images on paper through. This printer can work quite silently in the printing process.


Laser Printer:

Laser printers are used for printing more accurately than printers of the above two technologies. The ink of this printer is in a cartridge or toner when it is dry like powder and the printer performs the task of printing on paper very fast using laser beam when instructed to print any information or image from the computer.


B) Speaker:

It is an output device of the computer, which makes the sound of the computer understandable to the listener.

C) Scanner:

A scanner is a popular input device used to insert a picture, image, or similar object from a piece of paper, cloth, or any such solid material into a computer in the form of a photocopy. Publications
This device is most commonly used in industry and photo printing presses.


In addition to this, less common input devices like tackball, joystick, light pen, digitizer and MR, microphone, digital camera etc. Disks, CDs, modems, pen drives, etc. are used as input and output devices at the same time.

D) Voltage Stabilizer: 

Every part of the computer is very small and fine. Voltage stabilizer (Voltage) must be used to prevent power surges from damaging the computer.
Stabilizer) to be used. Voltage stabilizers can be used to perform various types of power measurements i.e. 'VO' power. Voltage stabilizer is a large effective device for controlling the voltage of electricity. Especially useful for computer users who do not supply more or less power than a certain amount.


 means its full name is Uninterrupted Power Supply. It is very necessary for computer users in our country. In case of sudden power outage, UPS can supply the stored power to the computer. A UPS can supply power for five minutes to thirty minutes. Its high capacity EPS is also available.

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