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Top 9 Quotes From Bill Gates


    Top 9 Quotes From Bill Gates

    (1) I will always prefer a lazy person to do a hard job, because he will find an easy way to do that job.

    ★ Here he wanted to choose the lazy person for this reason, since the person is lazy so usually he will try to do the task quickly by applying shortcut wit to make the difficult task easier and faster.

    (2) When you have money in your pocket, you only forget who you are; But when your pockets are empty the whole world will forget ‘Who are you?

    Yes it is really true, when someone has money in his pocket he forgets others or pretends not to know. And when you don't have money in your pocket, all people will forget you. Then don't ask a friend for a loan.

    It is actually the oily head of the disease of the human race.

    (3) If you are born poor, it is not your fault, but if you die poor, it is your fault.

    We are all people but we were not born rich at birth. It is our own fault for not being able to get rich by using the time since our birth.

    (4) The first key to success for us is to always employ very smart people.

    যদি If you can't motivate people to move forward at full speed by hiring the right people, then falling behind will be the inevitable consequence.

    As a result, the company will remain in moderate or bad condition.

    (5) Look at the most unhappy people, you can learn a lot.

    বলেছেন Unhappy people are told to notice this because unhappy people always learn something new; Unhappy people learn to prepare themselves according to the hot sun.

    Loves to work at night.

    (6) It is good to celebrate success but also to look at failure.

    If you succeed in something, you can celebrate that day to make it memorable. However, in order not to fail in any work, you have to be more focused on work.

    (6) Capitalism is a wonderful thing that inspires people.

    ★ Saving money is a good thing that many people can't do, once you understand the taste of saving money, it takes less time to get rich in life.

    (6) We have to put a lot of money behind our nature, if we want to change it.

    ★ To change our nature here, we have to suffer a lot; He compared this hardship with money.

    (9) Success is a perfect teacher. It inserts it into the minds of smart people they will never fail.

    A person who is preoccupied with the pursuit of success cannot fail at anything.

    Mistakes will be forgiven.

    Although I can't write well, I try to write well.

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