It is not possible to earn money on a blog without writing a good article.

It is not possible to earn money on a blog without writing a good article.

Today I will talk about making income on the blog.

People who are still blogging like me but are not posting any articles will not get any credit from the blog, because you have created a blog but it has not done anything,

To make money on a blog, first you have to make the blog beautiful,

Then you have to write your own article,

However, Adsense will not approve of articles copied from someone.

Because you are using other people's content.

You have to write and publish at least 30 to 50 articles on the blog yourself.

Then AdSense will approve you.

However, there are some other rules, such as sharing the reverse link and AdSense on the blog is not appropriate.

Maintaining these things will give you AdSense if you use a blog and you will be able to earn income.

I would say first create a blog, then design it well so that it catches people's eye. Then share some content so that people can learn something from your work.

Thus, when you have 30 to 50 content, you will apply for AdSense.

Then it will suit you 100%.

This was today's talk, everyone will be fine, stay healthy, stay with us,

I will pray for Mizan so that I can give you some gifts every day.

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